Wednesday, 28 November 2012

F.Y.I (Favorite Youtube Icons) On Stage in KL 2012 ft. Victor Kim, JR Aquino & Andrew Garcia

Have you ever amazed by those awesome cover you saw on Youtube? Ever try to comment on your favourite youtube icon’s video clip hoping that they will respond? Ever imagine if those guys come out from you tinny little laptop screen, standing right in front on you, in person, where you can actually talk to them, listen to their singing, where you can poke them & say: hey, you guys are real, in flash, cool~ XD Sounds awesome right?! Well just the other night ACER had actually made it an once-in-a-lifetime dream came true experience for YTF (Youtube Fans) Malaysia by bringing 3 of the amazing F.Y.I (Favorite Youtube Icons) JR Aquino the funny and distinctive, Victor Kim the cool and handsome & Andrew Garcia the playful and cute Live on Stage in Kuala Lumpur. A marvellous night where true beauty of music flow within the air.

Thanx to Nuffnang for the Tics :)
The show hosted by Fly FM DJ Hafiz started with dance performance by young Malaysia dance crew Katoon Network & subsequently songs from Malaysia Music Band Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Name BOB. Followed by appearance of FYI in different combination, generating a variety of chemistry with graceful sparks radiating across the hall, melodious, joyful, unique & to each its own. :D

venue: chancellor hall MSU
excited! getting ready to enter d hall :)
Stage before show start.
Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Name BOB.
~starting: Esty Richards + JR Aquino & Andrew Garcia >> Andrew solo >> Victor Kim solo >> Victor + Danny >> Ted Chan >> Ted + JR Aquino >> JR solo >> JR & Andrew + Danny~ *clap & cheers, loud & clear*

Esty Richards + JR Aquino & Andrew Garcia

JR, Andrew & Danny

Danny violin solo~
Andrew Garcia solo.
It was an amazing showcase as all three of them had actually choose to put on an acoustic-style performance, Andrew & JR with a taylor guitar played by them self, Victor with an ukulele, that’s all, single instrument with nothing more, which turn out to be a demonstration of perfect vocal capabilities. Surprisingly they are equally great, hard to tell which is better. b^__^d    

Victor & Danny
One of my favourite moment, the special appearance of Malaysia Chinese singer Tedd Chan (曾國琿) with his latest hit song 留给这世上我最爱的人 + duet of Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are with JR Aquino.
Tedd Chan曾國琿留给这世上我最爱的人~
JR Aquino solo :)
Q & A session where YTF are given time to interacted with their favourite Youtube Icons, even though we just met but we talk like old friends, laughter and joy spread throughout the way. 

JR having his fried rice while Q&A XD 
*Big Hug with fans*
fans gone crazy seeing their Favourite Youtube Icons
By the time this entry  was posted, as I’m still drenched in those euphonious music and hilarious moments of FYI on stage in KL, these great people had already on their way to Singapore for their next performance. Well I guess all good things come to an end, all I would like to say is that Victor, Andrew & JR, you guys are awesome & I really hope to see you guys back in Malaysia soon. Until then, cheers to F.Y.I.!!     

JR Aquino jio-ing ppl for photograph before leave. :)
The End. 
ps: Some live clips from the show:

JR Aquino 

Victor Kim
some of my favourite F.Y.I clips:

Victor Kim Someone Like You cover

Andrew Garcia &Katie Stevens- Skyscraper cover

JR Aquino I won't Give up cover

Rating: 8.9/10~

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


For starter this is not an entry for public as it sounds kinda narcissistic and I might be many other things, funny, cheerful, playful, desultory, complicate etc..but narcissism is just way out of the list~ XD

This is an entry with one and only ONE solo purpose, to strike for Mynn Lee's “GO FORTH MOMENT”contest. So if you're interested in knowing a little bit more about me and some of my... erm...proud moments of my life (feel kinda shy to say, you're more than welcome to proceed, otherwise you can brows through some other interesting entries of my blog here---> Fun, Delicious, Cool, Awesome.. :D

So ladies and gentlemen, proudly present by Duncan, those proud moments of my life~*clap clap*

Being born in a family of scholars, there's no doubt that academic achievements fill up a huge portion of the proud moments of my life. So lets kick start the time machine shall we.. 

Yeah!! proudest moment in life!!!
Back in 1999, 7As in UPSR, 1st ever record breaker in SJK(C) Nam Hua; 2002, 8As in PMR; 2004, record continue with 9As in SPM; 2006, 3As in STPM; 2012 Graduated with 1st class honours in Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences), being one of the only two male among my course to be awarded with Zizi Pharmix Award of Best Student in Pharmacology; 2010-present postgraduate entitle PhD in Pharmacology & Toxicology @ Universiti Putra Malaysia..The proudest moment of my life never stop throughout my academic career starting 10 years back & it will not stop as I shall keep walking, to a better tomorrow~ 
Officially Graduated!!This is just the beginning :) 
Simultaneously I have indulge into the world of blogger. Blogging under nuffnang is fun, enjoying those awesome moments attending all sorts of cool and delightful events, just to live life to the max, infusing some extra energy to boost up my ongoing quest to the pinnacle of academic field.   

They are many who says that as human we could only do so much, well for me there's always room for improvement, try harder, work smarter and soon you'll find yourself standing at a point which most people could only imagine..To be a better person, for a better tomorrow, that's what giving me the urge to go forth and achieve more~  :D


Thursday, 22 November 2012

时尚秀:Kronenbourg 1664's L'Aperitif Fashion finale 2012

一年前对时尚一无所知,懵懵懂懂的就随着朋友出席了在 Rootz Club KL 所举办的Kronenbourg1664L'Aperitif Fashion 2011,一场在 Lot10 天台举办的时尚飨宴,结果大开眼界,印象极好。而今一年眨眼既过,来自浪漫之都的品牌Kronenbourg 1664再次卷土重来,精彩呈现Kronenbourg 1664's L'Aperitif Fashion finale 2012 ,秉持着精益求精的态度,今年Kronenbourg 1664 更上一层楼,于楼高34层的LunaBar rooftop @ Pacific Regency Hotel),以吉隆坡夜幕为景,双子塔为衬,偕同六位大马年轻的设计师,上演了一场亮眼且让人惊艳的时尚秀。

Pacific Regency Hotel
配合这场秀,Kronenbourg 1664为Luna Bar进行了彻底的make-over,优雅与时尚的结合,大大的提升了Luna的气质,相当的成功。

Cristallo 里的bar台
酒保帅气的调配着Kronenbourg 1664 Eiffel Beer Tower
漂亮的 ambassador

最爱的finger food XD


今年一贯的大马时尚指标Prof Dato Jimmy Choo OBE, 名模Amber ChiaKeith Kee等均是座上嘉宾。一同审视六位年轻才俊的服装设计与品味。

秀前Prof Dato Jimmy Choo OBE致词
show time
设计师Hariharan Arasu及其作品
设计师Alexis Grace及其作品
设计师Gynn Ling及其作品

设计师Endy Law及其作品
 在走秀结束后,积分统计之余可一点也不沉闷,MACC(Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians)会长 Douglas Lim 受邀登场为大家抛笑弹,出场的一句:"the reason why I am here is because your judges don't know how to do mathematic" 即让现场哄堂大笑..随后的调侃式幽默更是当晚的亮点之一。

Douglas Lim
Full House~

Hariharan Arasu,Prof Dato Jimmy Choo OBE的下一位入室弟子

goodies bag 里的礼物野蛮动人的 :)

当天因为时间紧迫,一开始还兴趣缺缺,想说可能因为到过Luna Bar 了,会没什么太大的惊喜,结果却意外的走入了一场炫丽的时尚秀,感觉好满足,希望2013还会再见吧Au Revoir~  :)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Astro’s Fear Factor House Fearless Challenge

“What your biggest fear is and how it affects your life?”


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, that’s what Kelly Clarkson said, however the truth is, sometimes the scariest things isn’t those which kill you right on the spot, but things which not so much as to kill you, yet not so little as to let you live.


I’m an adventurous man, I love X-game and adventure sports, pursuit of thrill and extreme excitement is what I’m always looking forward to. However there is one thing I’m afraid of, the fear of LOSING, that’s the biggest fear of my life. Not the win-lose circumstances in a competition or games, but to lose someone to death or any other unexpected way, LOSING a LOVERS, FRIENDS, SOMEONE that MEANS SO MUCH to you, the person you would take a bullet for them.


Remember those superhero movies, as though a hero can be, they fall, making wrong call at the vary moment when their loved one is in jeopardy. The fear of losing a lover, the impact and magnitude of the incidence brings is so extreme to handle even for superheros. Though I might be way too far to be in their shoes, but my intensity of fear for losing love ones in life is of the same.


Someone once said:


“I do fear death. I fear dying in here, while my city burns, and there's no one there to save it.”


That’s just about how I fear of losing those I care & love..I do not fear death, but I fear dying here, while my love ones are in jeopardy, and there’s no one there to save them.


Fear doesn’t make a person weak, well at least not me. It actually motivate me to always be prepared, work harder, strive towards excellent, to be excel physically & mentally, to be strong enough and good enough to protect my love ones, to be able to be there for them when needed. Ok I might be a bit exaggerate but hey, who knows what life have to offer, it’s always better to be prepared right. :)   

Coming Back to the show, in the brand new seasons of Astro’s Fear Factor Malaysia (Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia brought to you on Astro Ria 104 Dec 2012) hosting by Aaron Aziz, our lovely nation celebrities such as Hafizul Kamal, Hefny Sahad, Dazrin Kamarudin, Didie Alias, Isham, Ezlynn, Nik Michael, Fairul, Elfira Loy, Iz OIAM, Yassin etc will be fighting hard throughout the challenges, facing the fear of their life! Stay tune to see them in action!

My support goes to Hafizul & Henfy as they are fit and smart, plus superb confident in winning the challenge, with this winning attitude they are already halfway through winning.  :P

Also Astro is throwing out the Fear Factor Fearless Challenge in conjunction with the show! So are your bold enough to push your fears to their limits?!

“Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!”

Monday, 19 November 2012

It's Back!! Kronenbourg 1664's L'Aperitif Fashion Finale 2012

Hey guys still remember the Kronenbourg 1664's L'Aperitif Fashion Show 2011 @ Rootz Bar Lot 10? Great event right.. Well here's a good news for you guys, the awesome fashion showcase is back! This time Kronenbourg is bringing the French art of pleasure to a whole new level.. 

Kronenbourg 1664's Brand Ambassadors @ Passion for Fashion event

Hosting @ the glamorous Luna Bar on 20th Nov 2012 Kronenbourg 1664's L'Aperitif Fashion Finale 2012 will certainly be a special one6 finalist will be featured in this Finale & only One winner will be crowned. Find out who will be Dato' Professor Jimmy Choo's next apprentice!

Finalist Hariharan Arasu

Finalist Alexis Grace

Finalist Carlos Kum


Friday, 16 November 2012

Luna Bar @ Pacific Regency Hotel

Situated at the top of Pacific Regency Hotel (34th floor), knowing as one of the best rooftop bars in KL, there is no doubt that Luna possess some spectacular view (especially at the upper deck of Luna) of KL city, fantastic surroundings with KL tower shining on the right & Petronas Twin Tower on left. The view and interior are absolutely stunning and breath-taking especially for first timer who never been to a rooftop bar before, a great choice of place for chill out at night.

I was there the other night chilling with friends, we ordered some of their signature drinks but we never taste the food as most of the review doesn't really give credit to it. :P

Entrance to Cristallo, the indoor area.
Pretty deco @ the entrance. 
part of the Cristallo interior.

KL tower from Cristallo
View from Cristallo.

Blue Hawaii.
So for the drink it actually taste kinda normal, with such a nice presentable appearance I was expecting something special but nope, just pure vodka+rum with slight coconut which doesn't really blend well. Anyway there are review saying that they do have decent pizza so if you feel like ordering some dish, you might wanna give it a try..

Outdoor pool side view

Bar at the pool side.

Some awesome view from the upper deck.

To wrap it up, if you are looking for great night view of KL city or some cool place to hangout with friends, yes go for Luna. This rooftop bar which won the Best Night Spot Award in the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA), Regional Series 2008-2010, beating competitors from Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia will not let you down, however if you are a person who is very particular about food, services and demand a high quality dining experience, you might wanna think twice as there are plenty of options around KLCC.     

additional info:
cover charge of RM50 after 10pm.
dress code: smart casual
address: Menara PanGlobal Jalan Punchak Off Jalan P. Ramlee 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2332 7777
Fax: +603-2031 2492

Rating: 7/10