Thursday, 30 May 2013

Now You See Me movie review: ChurpChurp Premiere Screening ^^

What is magic? It is a skillful & cleaver deception, an art of illusion.. Something to brings out hope when all is gone, something for you to believe and keeps faith in ——The Four Horsemen

Now You See Me is one of the few magical based film produced which isn’t too bad to spend your Friday night with. Though it isn’t good enough to compete with the masterpiece of my all-time favourite director Christopher Nolan’s dueling illusionists film “The Prestige” (highly recommended to watch it if you haven’t) still the reasonably twisted story line, mysterious plates played by the director & astonishing grand stage magic tricks trending the film make it a good magician heist-thriller. The magical stuns put up by the Four Horsemen in the show are pretty fascinating & impressive too.   

However the things that puts Now You See Me in the “good movie” rank instead of a great one would be the rather disappointing flat merely of average ending and the lack of depth in character development. Despite the stellar line-up of Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco, its surprise to see how little chemistry we see between the cast. Well of course Freeman & Caine put on some impressive acting but for the rest of the crews, a brief and unconvincing magicians’ characters with lack of differentiation.      

Story line: A quartet of street hustlers and rising stars of the various corners of the magic trade are recruited by a mysterious hoodie-wearing figure for a series of epic stunts. Billing themselves as “The Four Horsemen,” misdirection man Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) and his former assistant Henley (Isla Fisher), “mentalist” Merritt (Woody Harrelson) and card-sharp Jack (Dave Franco) proceed to star in magic “events” where they catch the imagination of the world and their super-rich promoter (Michael Caine).

Mark Ruffalo is the comically hyper-ventilating FBI agent always a step behind The Four Horsemen. And Morgan Freeman is the mysterious magic expert who may be helping the feds, explaining how tricks work. Or maybe he’s playing another game.

What is the truth behind these magical illusion? will the Four Horsemen manage to stay ahead till the end? now those are the answers to be seek.. But remember, do not get too close, because the closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see, and the more you think you see, the easier it'll be to fool you.. :)
Thanx to ChurpChurp for the preview :)
 Rating: 7/10~

Sunday, 26 May 2013

銀河100蔡健雅 & 張震嶽抒情搖滾約 2013 大馬演唱会 ♪~

新加坡金曲创作才女Tanya蔡健雅与台湾流行摇滚歌手張震嶽首度破天荒联手呈现的銀河100蔡健雅 & 張震嶽抒情搖滾約 2013 大馬演唱会终于在昨夜完美落幕,有幸受邀于Manoah Consulting出席了这场抒情与摇滚兼具的音乐飨宴,在云顶云星剧场夜凉如水的夜晚感受了动人心玄的蔡式情歌&激情摇滚,气温是冰冷的心却是炽热的,那激动澎湃的感觉真的是超赞的说 :)

Tanya- 越来越不懂
click to enlarge/点击照片放大 :)
演唱会以acoustic吉他为主旋搭配live band的方式演出,一首首改编的动人情歌轻描淡写的展现了Tanyavocal实力,细腻的嗓音轻轻的唱着,蕴育情绪起伏的声音却轻易地深入了心底,搭着屏幕上漂亮的动画与歌词,虽然只隔了一个夜晚,但我已开始怀念那悸动的感觉了..

Beautiful Love~
演唱会以接力的方式呈现,由顶着红帽怀抱吉的Tanya率先亮丽登场,甫开始即献上acoustic版的〈越來越不懂〉,调慢了的节奏却让现场的气氛瞬间跃到最高点,接下来的〈陌生人无底洞说到爱beautiful love〉等,让本来就爱acoustic的我我听得都起鸡皮疙瘩了,差点没撇竖的说..Fish就没在客气了,女生嘛,直接眼泪溃堤T.T(偷爆料希望她没看到:P)。蔡健雅也为大马演唱会的歌迷加码放送了Umbrellapoker face哦,依旧是acoustic版本也依然超动听 b^^d  

嶽 & Tanya-我给的爱

很喜欢这个灯效,蛮有feel的 ;)
阿嶽则在与Tanya合唱〈我給的愛〉歌声中现身,两首warm up摇滚后,一首首热门hit songs 接踵而来,绝对经典爱之初体验 & 爱我别走轻快的〈乾妹妹& 再见抒情的抱着你,唱出男人心声的路口,让演唱会是越夜越精彩 V^__^V

一盏孤灯,一个深情款款的男人 -___-
男人心声时间..我唉 :P
一个人ok,习惯就ok :P
当然还是有一些小小的寂寞在身边,顶多入夜之后早早睡 XD
当然咯,演唱会嘛高潮总在Ending以后, Tanya再度现身与阿嶽合唱的安歌神曲思念是一种病&自由简直让大家都high翻了,掌声尖叫声大合唱狂挥手的全都到齐啦 XD。
和音solo-Gwiyomi, cute :)
当你在穿山越岭的另一边 我在孤独的路上没有尽头~♪ b^^d
我也要牵手 :P XD
安歌的部分实在是太精彩了,听完自由后我还真不想离去的..可惜的是欢乐的时光总过得特别快,演唱会完了,po文也是时候做ending咯..唔..所以...为大家带来一首-自由 *我的改编版,chorus* ~为什么 为什么 演唱会已结束了,我不愿 我不要 但却已无法可想,已经 结束 真的已经结束 我只好说拜拜了~ XD

结束,落幕 ,The End..谢谢大家 :)
The End..

#有人说失恋了一次,仿佛突然就懂得了所有情歌的意思..Tanya所唱的,无疑就是这类情歌,抚慰受伤了的心,让人重新拥有爱与被爱的勇气;阿嶽大地男孩的阳光与直白的男人心声,让人总会对未来盼望与抱持希望。这一夜,一场抒情与摇滚的约会,唱出了爱情里的迂回。爱情里快乐与悲伤总是一体两面的存在,重要的是我们都在爱里慢慢地成长,学会了珍惜,包容与体谅..只要怀抱希望,每一颗心总会有个温暖停靠的地方,我想这也是Tanya 及阿嶽想告诉我们的吧..感谢你们带来那么一个难忘及美好的夜晚,期待你们下一次的演出 *clap clap* -__________-
special thanks to Manoah Consulting & Galaxy Group for the tics :D
~当你在穿山越岭的另一边 我在孤独的路上没有尽头 
时常感觉你在耳后的呼吸 却未曾感觉你在心口的鼻息~♪~ :)     

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Astro Live Explorer-On-The-Go Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Thanx to my “I Am The Unstoppable Explorer” blog post back in April I was luckily invited to the Malaysia version of amazing race -ATGO- The “Astro-Explorer-On-The-Go” contest exclusively by Astro Malaysia. A live fed contest which us bloggers avidly hunting down challenges all over Sunway Pyramid with full passion & enthusiasm. A truly wonderful & thrilling experience at Sunway Pyramid.. I mean how often do you blazing across the mall up-&-down the floors hunting for answers, stood up for challenges by roman gladiators, Elvis and much more :P Well thanx to Astro & Nuffnang that was what my teammate & I did just last Saturday.

Astro-On-The-Go LIVE EXPLORER @ Sunway Pyramid :)
Personally the whole thing was awesome, just by thinking back all that we had been through to get our hands on those Nexus 7, iPhones & iPads makes my adrenaline pumped (Yes those are the cool prizes for the Ultimate ATGO Unstoppable explorer..So believe me when I said we were blazing across the mall, I mean it literally XD LOL). Well the challenge had come to an end and here’s my story: Once upon a time, I went to Astro-explorer-on-the-go challenge... ...I didn't win, THE END lol -________-

Yes things wasn’t really goes according to the plan, however still I had a good time & my favourite part of the event goes to--- *drum roll* The awesome TEAM SPIRIT that we built, me & Jocko (my hardcore teammate), thought we didn’t win we’re still the best team man :) Well don’t get me wrong, the event as whole was superb.. All the challenges booths, Elvis, Gladiators & Japanese anime gang etc.. There’re lovely & fun, & I enjoyed seeing them, not to forget the delightful buffet lunch we had after the contest @ DELICIOUS which was simply mouth-watering :D. However teaming up with a total stranger & surprisingly found out that both of you’re on the same page, super positive attitude, equally outgoing & even came up with a pretty similar winning plan, that ridiculously good tacit agreement is simply amazing, and that’s definitely the BEST part of this is event from my perspective b^^d.

The Japanese amine gang #Jocko :)
badminton challenge  
Football? :P
The next time this GOLD combination shows up, I bet it will be a knockout win for us :P 
Another happy thing is that by using ATGO app on iPad throughout the contest (that was our navigator, cool huh :D), I came to realise that I just found another cool app on iPad, one that can enable me to catch up with my favourite football game ANYTIME & ANYWHERE.. Boring long distance travelling & tedious awaiting sessions, there’re now history & welcome to the new age, one that I can browse through tons of UEFA, BARCLAYS Premier League & BUNDESLIGA matches ALL THE TIME, LIVE! Oh not to mention the 9 radio channels with limitless hit songs, simply plug in my headphone & the party is ON! Basically with ATGO app installed on my iPad I just got myself a brand new highly mobile entertainment power house..woohoo~ Well what can I say, always wanted one of these for ages, simply splendid! “With Astro-On-The-Go, you’ll never walk alone~”  XD

ATGO app interface. Never Walk Alone Y-____-Y
To know more about ATGO, -->click HERE<--

& That’s all for my Astro-Explorer-On-The-Go experience, until next time, roger and out.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fast and Furious 6 movie review: Nuffnang Premiere Screening ^^

Fast and Furious 6, the film labeled itself as “Furious 6” in the opening credits, which pretty much explain the plot and progression- thrilling, fast-paced & full of excitement.

As the 6th sequel of the The Fast and the Furious franchise, Fast & Furious 6 doesn’t really deviate far from the formula, high paced racing across big city streets, awesome custom cars, eye-popping car stunts, hot chicks etc.. These are to be expected in the movie, but to assemble them into an entertaining movie while keeping its freshness & not to bore the audience, now that’s the tricky part and I think Director Justin Lin plays his role well. The story flow nicely with adrenalin pumping excitement throughout the movie, also the gentle humour touch is another thing which I enjoy seeing in the movie.

Plot: Following their successful Rio heist in fast & Furious 5, Dominic Toretto and his crew of international professional criminals have retired, scattered across the globe enjoying enjoying the spoils of Brazilian bank job. Meanwhile, DSS agent Hobbs has been tracking an organisation of lethally skilled mercenary drivers across 12 countries, whose mastermind by believing former British Special Forces soldier Owen Shaw & his crew, including Letty- Don’s deepest love whom was thought dead. Once again the best group of international criminal/racer gathers to face their greatest new enemy with one objective in mind, to bring Letty home..  

To wrap it up, Furious 6 is a pretty entertaining fast-paced movie, thrilling plots & hilarious sense of humour, one that takes the action, stunts & car racing to a whole new level (ever seen a car vs tank street race before? Watch it and you’ll get what I mean :P). Definitely a worth watching action thrill blockbuster.  

Rating: 7.4/10 ^^

As usual, super thanx to Nuffnang for the premiere invitation :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

TANYA & A-YUE GALAXY 100 LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2013; 銀河100 蔡健雅&張震嶽 抒情搖滾約 2013 大馬演唱

Hey guys, looking forward for a great musical event this weekend? How ‘bout some Rock vs Tender love songs concert by renowned Chinese singers from Singapore/Taiwan Tanya & A-Yue? Yes you heard me right, it’s蔡健雅 & 張震嶽 live in Malaysia!! 

Now you stand a chance to hear not one but TWO awesome singers performing live on a single concert, only @ TANYA & A-YUE GALAXY 100 LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2013, brought to you exclusively by Galaxy Group Malaysia.   

TANYA & A-YUE GALAXY 100 LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2013 will be held on Saturday, 25 May 2013 8:30pm (duration of show: 2-3 hours) @ Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands.

Wondering how you can attend this wonderful concert? Where to get tickets? How’s the stage layout? Well scroll down and toy'll get all the answers to your doubt: ^^

 (银河集团) 独家呈现的銀河100蔡健雅&張震嶽抒情搖滾約2013大馬演唱即将于本周末莅临大马,一场摇滚与抒情的音乐飨宴,一个星光璀璨的夜晚,即将在星期六(5月25号)晚上八时半云顶云星剧场热情引爆。想亲身体验摇滚激情及Tanya蔡健雅动心抒情演出的歌迷朋友们记得留意以下购票及演唱会资讯啦 :)

Tickets are available at/购票详情:
Walk In Purchase
Galaxy Group Sdn. Bhd
Add : Suite 23-2, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City
Tel : 03-2282 2020
Monday to Friday [10am - 7pm]

Galaxy Ticket Counter
Concourse Level, Sungei Wang Plaza
Daily [12 pm to 9pm]

And here's the layout/位置编排 for the concert:

For more details/更多资讯, check out the official page of Galaxy @

Monday, 13 May 2013

Acer & Intel “PLAYsure Redefined” Party~ ^__^

Just when Ultrabook™/tablet industry is closing to its saturation point with Apple & Samsung dominating most of the market share, Acer decided to mark their name on the field by a bold release of Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™, 'the world's first Acer convertible Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel'. 
The 11.6-inch touch centric HD display tablet comes with a detachable keyboard dock which is perfectly invented for consumption and creation. Running on Windows 8 with a Core i3/i5 processor, the ultraportable device weight only 3.06 pounds and is about 3/4 of an inch thick.
The Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ is coming into the market hot this May 22, 2013, declaring that it would be a revolutionary device exceeding the industry’s expectation. How mind-blowing would it be? Well perhaps this awe-inspiring, cool & simply remarkable video clip would give you a brief idea :)

Stylish innovative clip with great sense of humor, probably the most creative ultrabook introductory video I’ve ever seen. Love it & can’t wait to try out Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ hands-on. ^^      

Acer, inspire for more :)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness movie review: Burger King Special Screening ^^

Staring by Chris Pine as the unfeasibly handsome Captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto as fringed logical Spock, Karl Urban as grandstanding medical officer "Bones" & Zoe Saldana as Lt Uhura, Star Trek Into Darkness is another pioneering director JJ Abrams's movie in sequel to star trek show back in 2009. 

Here's how the story goes: 'When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.' (c) Paramount.

Watching Star Trek Into Darkness on IMAX 3D (highly recommended) is an awesome experience, with an extra broad screen the 3D experience actually make me feel like I'm on a stunning roller coaster ride across the space, one that once it started you'll drenched in excitement all the way till it end. :D

Though incorporation of dark element into movies seems like a common trend nowadays and Star Trek isn't the fist & won't be the last to do so, but to make dark element successful in a movie it takes more than a rough fall for heroes & their fight for comebacks, a twist here and there in the story line, unexpected climax, that's the tricky part which hold the key to success, and I'm confident that Star Trek will not disappoint you in this aspects. A truly top class explosive action science fiction thriller :)  
a scene which censored by Film Censorship Board of Malaysia, they really shouldn't spoil the flow -__-
So do remember to beam yourself up to the nearest cinema this May for this visual masterpiece. 
Thnx to Burger King Malaysia for the tics & freebies b^^d

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Humming Bird movie Review-Nuffnang Premiere Screening

从未试过以中文撰写英语片的影评,可由于Humming Bird是一部非主流的剧情片,与其简单的写个标准影评,不如来点不一样的,写些非主流的观后感吧 ^^

同样的街道,不同的城市,充数着无数的故事,奏出的大多是首首揪心的悲歌,上演的戏码是残酷现实的最佳写照..在这一切一切的灰暗中,曾经有着这么一个人..这,是他与她的故事..不是什么爱情大悲剧,也不是动作大片,只是个简单的生活小品,那么的遥远却那么的真实,只因虽然大多数人没有亲身经历过这一切,却清楚地明白这一切都真实的存在着,或许在发生着,或许曾经发生..这是一个普通人的故事,从一个远征中东的特种部队,到潦倒街头的游民,机缘巧合的成了伦敦黑势力的金牌打手,却在展露出人性光辉后黯然离场..Humming Bird,剧终..

可能一般人会觉得这真不是一部好看的电影,毕竟演员里除了Jason Statham还真没什么看头,剧情也很平凡,铺陈有点慢,但却有其可取之处。缓慢的铺陈引人深思,平凡的故事则显得真实,导演的运镜即说故事能力也颇为到位,点到为止的暴力与小幽默,为人性写下了传神的注解..


Rating: 6.9/10

说点题外话,这篇影评笔于58日午夜12时,地点位于Kelana Jaya LDP大道车上,6公里长的车龙中,本人兼任司机(阻塞的严重度可见一斑)。本人立场一向中立,原也不愿置评,但看着周围黑影瞳瞳,仿佛忍者总动员什么的,聚集在街道及分界堤上摇旗呐喊,摩多骑士们仿佛特技演员黑暗骑士般穿梭于车龙中(我想大多马来西亚人民都应该知道发生了什么事,不知道的可以google,关键字-508黑衣大集会),却不禁为人们乐观单纯与天真感叹,也为人民的无知而悲伤。当一场球赛已无视比赛规则及失去体育精神,自我裁定赛果,叫嚣的球迷除了制造出无补于事的噪音外,难道还奢望改变赛果吗?所谓天下之势合久必分分久必合,万物有时何苦剑走偏锋..目前这聚会唯一立竿见影的效果便是在午夜的LDP上制造出了6公里的车龙,仅此而已。或许聚会地点有误,若在鸡窝附近举办,可能还可以吓吓大鸡小鸡的,要知道敲山震虎也需取地就近与虎啊..Anyway,历史总已记上一笔,是名留青史抑或遗臭万年就待后人定夺吧。

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Passion For Fashion 2013 @ The Butter Factory KL

When my friend first told me that there’s a new club in town called The Butter Factory, my reaction was like: ”huh? The butter factory? That’s a funny name man, sounds ain’t cool at all”.. Well I WAS WRONG!!

The Butter Factory KL
Presuming that it is just another ordinary club it isn’t really a place I plan to drop by, well thanx to Passion For Fashion I was invited to their 2013 fashion event which so happen to held @ The Butter Factory KL & I’m so glad that I made it as it was an amazingly wonderful party experience! ^^ 

PASSION FOR FASHION 2013- A Fashion & Film Industries Luminaries
exclusively by 

For those who are not familiar with Passion For Fashion, check out my previous post -->HERE: Passion For Fashion is Back!! ♫❣♬♩ ♪ ^^ <-- as it might be another awesome event to mark on your calendar for! :D  

Bar @ The Butter Factory KL

Getting the Belvedere Vodka mix ready :)
So ladies & gentlemen, may I present to you Passion For Fashion 2013- A stylish night of great music & DJs, delightful Belvedere Vodka & awesome peoples. b^__^d

Lovely hosts of the night Gemma Louise & Samantha Schoers from Australia.

Handsomes and Pretties in style :) 

Delightful Belvedere Vodka mix (orange/ cranberry) served on the house ^^

party without music isn't a party at all, it was an overwhelming night thanx to the awesome DJs lineup :)

Lovely DJ Darling. I like her mix & grooving b^^d

American headliner Patrick Oliver, M’sia electrifying local jocks DJ Darling & DJ Faith b^^d

Also a speckle of hottest chic collections from designers Lexy Lyla and LuveLuxe :)

*click to enlarge*

It was truly a night of style, fun and powerful networking as models, directors, actors, photographers, hosts, celebrities, agencies, producers and editors comes together enjoying a wonderful taste of Belvedere Vodka Pure & some world class dj mix :)

simply overwhelming @ both VIP & floor area ^^

Last but not least, thanx to Passion For Fashion for the vip media pass :)