Monday, 29 July 2013

Jason Chen & Clara C Live in KL 2013~♪ ♫

There are tons of awesome people which did a vast verity of amazing covers on YouTube & when the question “what is your favorite YouTube Channel?” were ask, here’re some words that pop up in my head - some of the pretty cool channels which I has been following for quite some time: boyceavenue, MusicNeverSleeps, MadilynBailey's channel, Kurt Hugo Schneider, ClaraCMusic, Bri Heart Music etc..& the list goes on & on~ So do check it out & subscribe if you like :)  

Anyway back to our main topic of the post, just the other day I was so lucky to be able to attend a Jason Chen & Clara C live performance in KL thanks to the concert pass via Tian Chad.   

Listening to these extremely talented YouTube sensations singers performing live is definitely a pleasant experience & indeed it was an enjoyable night where I get to listen to some of the most euphonious music ever while doing some photo shooting *happy* ^^   

Both of them are awesome singers so there’s nothing much to comment on for the singing part, simply a melodious musical performance :) & here’re some shoots I captured during the concert, enjoy~ b^^d   

Settling down before show starts..

Not really a huge auditorium but a 110% FULL HOUSE ^^

Host of the night- Johan, a very talented & humour person :P 

Starting performance via pretty blogger/singer Charis Ow & Revellers band.

Charis & the band
Revellers Band
& Here we go~~~ MusicNeverSleeps on stage~0oo0 0oo0
Jason Chen ^^

You can feel a sense of anticipation as they steps onto the stage *crowd cheer out LOUD*

 Jason singing a song of Brian McKnight, can you guess the song from his gesture? :P

One~ I wanna be with you~

Part of Jason's play list: Back at One, Best Friend, when I was your man, 你不知道的事, 普通朋友, Still in love, Unexpectedly, Thank you~

Guitarist & bass player with super rich facial expression XD

Now who wants some nice T-shirts? :P
Bonus track by talented 9 years old Tiffany 
Clara on stage, unfortunately..  Technical problems.. & then she starts singing~Technical problems they keep following me~ Well guess I’ll juz have to move on~ Sing a song~

Clara spontaneous ‘technical problem song’ to kick start her session, brilliant! *clap clap*

Clara: “Can I have a little lights on.. So that I can see all those pretty face” XD

ClaraC- So she’s outgoing, playful and also a sensational singer, wonderful b^^d

Thinking hard for a nice Instagram posture :)


Now that’s not something very often we see on a concert- unplug, pure acoustic performance by Clara (seriously, no wire at all except d human mic stand :P).

Rough performance as technical problems keeps popping up, Clara gets a bit emotional & start to shade her tears.. Don’t cry girl, you’re still awesome ^^

Clara: “I’m alright, it’s a pretty rough night for me, I don’t know why I cried.. May be my _____ is coming” -.-lll lol (have to censored a word here, those who really wanna know, try ask those that attended the show, unexpected & funny explanation XD)  
Pretty ClaraC: The Camel Song, Heartstrings, You’ve Got It All, Offbeat, Get Lucky, Fish (congrats to the lovely Fish couple engagement ❤ ♡ ♥ ღ ❣ ❥ ^^)
So it was a pretty enjoyable night, but it ends too soon though.. To Jason & Clara, you guys are amazing, eagerly anticipating for a duet via you guys in the near future, cheers~ :)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Buka Puasa with XPax @Milk & Butter, Bangsar ^^

Though I’m not a Muslim, however Ramadan means a lot to me as during this 9thmonth of the Islamic calendar which observe as a month of fasting via Muslims worldwide, lies a wonderful moment which I love the most— Buka Puasa! :P A great moment where variety of mouthwatering Malay cuisines will be easily available across the streets, yeah~

So here’s a post to share with you guys one of those wonderful moments mention above — XPAX Buka Puasa @ Milk & Butter, Bangsar~ An enjoyable buka puasa buffet treat where blogger & some nice folks from the company get together, chill & have fun ^^  *clapclap* (Thnx to Fish for the invitation b^^d)

Milk & Butter @ Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar.
Upon arrival, we were surprise by a lovely welcome gift, Just Heavenly fudge..TQ~  *Happy*

nicely boxed gift via XPAX :)

Nice cosy interior of the restaurant, settling down before the event starts :)

Theme colours of the night-- Orange & purple for XPAX..

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Host of the night, humour & good looking too XD

Here comes the main course of the night--->> Surprisingly nice Malaysia style buffet. The beef satay, crispy chicken with lemon sauce & rendang were amazing! b^_^d

plenty of FoodsSss~Let's dig in :P

Oh did I forgot to mention that we have one of the lovely Malaysian acoustic singer Liyana Fizi performing Live in the house?! Gosh girl with guitar is so charming :P 

Liyana Fizi Live @ Milk & Butter.
& that’s not all.. After a delightful dinner, It’s GAME time! The Macgyver Peanuts Challenge XD.. 2 winners shall walk away with a cool watch each courtesy of XPAX~

Good to see my friend LK turn out to be one of the winner, congratz man b^^d 

Ending the night with an unintentional shoot, quite artistic though :P 

Milk & Butter, Bangsar.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

旅行——其实很简单 ~



Someday, when your life looks like this..


You’ll be sorry you spent your whole 20s playing with your phone…


And all your money on gaudy accessories…


So seize the day and see the world now :)


旅行——其实很简单 .. ^^

10 Trips You NEED To Take In Your 20s

*Inspired by BuzzFeed b^^d