Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant @ Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City

Being a UPM graduate, Palm Garden Hotel @IOI Resort City is one familiar place for me as it is literary a stone's throw away from the faculty. However it wasn’t until recently for me to notice that there’s actually a Thai restaurant in the area which serves authentic and delicious Thai food :)    

Recently moved to its new location at the Palms Cafe Terrace area, Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant @ Palm Garden Hotel with its serene surroundings is no doubt a worthwhile choice of consideration for those who seek for an enjoyable dinner with quiescent ambiance and tasty Thai cuisine. 

nicely decorated surrounding of Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant @ Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City  
lovely setting @ Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant 
Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant @ Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City    
dinning area of Palms Cafe which is interconnected with Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant. 
 Kaw Phad Sapporat (Fried Rice with Pineapples), a staple of Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant, love the crunchy texture of cashew nut with fragrant fried rice.  
Red Tom Yam Soup (Seafood)Choose either to have the appetizing Tom Yam Soup with seafood, prawns or chicken the flavourful soup is the perfect choice to to kick-start your meal :)
Keng Keaw Wan (Green Curry with Chicken). Thick creamy aromatic curry with succulent chicken, once you've tasted it shouldn't be hard for you to understand why I rate this as my No.1 favourite at Aroi Dee b^^d
Kung Phad Prik Pow (Sauteed Prawns with Roasted Chillis). Firm, meaty prawns which blend nicely with the roasted chillis paste. Doesn't taste as spicy as it looks though :)
 Plar Neang Pek Sak (Seabass Steamed Thai Style)
a special treat by the chef- lemongrass and ginger tea, a wonderful companion for the Thai delights b^^d 

Besides the authentic Thai dishes, Nyonya and local cuisines are among the variants that can be found at Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant, all credits to the diverse background of Chef Seeri a/l Din Ren, the mastermind heading the Thai kitchen of Aroi Dee

Enche Kabin (Nyonya Style Fried Chicken). Super crispy and finely marinades chicken.
Another tasty dish not to be missed ^^ 
Tippan Ngubak (Sizzling Beef Nyonya Style)
luscious dessert to put a perfect end to our meal- Water Chestnut in Coconut Cream b^^d
handmade water chestnut (red) and jackfruit (yellow) dices b^^d
the happy face behind the menu, Chef Seeri a/l Din Ren, 25 years of experience working in several Thai restaurants in M'sia & Singapore, with a prominent experience of serving the Sultan of Brunei for 4 years along with other chefs b^^d 

Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant 
Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City
Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College, 
62502 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating hours: Lunch Daily 12.00-2.30 pm 
                             Dinner Daily 6.30-10.30 pm (Except Sundays)

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