Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Somersby Cider #ThatWeekendFeeling Campaign Launch @ Signature at The Roof, PJ

Weekends are typically a time to ‘break’ from routine, let our hair down and be with our friends to rejuvenate. These are usually precious days of the week that we wish to last forever and If that weekend feeling could be bottled up, the recipe would be good friends, great food, and of course a refreshing Somersby Cider in hand ;)

Well thanks to Somersby Cider, the most popular cider in town, now you don't have to wait till weekend to enjoy those lovely relaxing vibe as Somersby is uplifting everyone’s spirits through #ThatWeekendFeeling campaign, a series of activation that revolves around the #ThatWeekendFeeling recipe of Food+Friends+Me+Somersby ;)  

Somersby Cider #ThatWeekendFeeling
Somersby Cider #ThatWeekendFeeling Campaign Launch @ Signature at The Roof, PJ 
you don't have to wait till weekend to enjoy #ThatWeekendFeeling
Somersby Cider spotted on Avatar inspired tree @ Signature at The Roof ^^
Somersby Cider & the lovely glowing tree ;)

With its sweet and refreshing taste that makes people feel rejuvenated, Somersby Cider will be bringing #ThatWeekendFeeling to life through various platforms which include comedy and food consumers, so that consumers can savour weekends whenever they want. The brand will be tying up with Crackhouse Comedy Club, PJ Laugh Fest and TimeOut Comedy Thursday to offer consumers an avenue to laugh their socks off together with their friends over some ice-cold Somersby Cider. And of course, food usually plays an important part of any gathering with friends, hence, Somersby Cider will be featuring a series of food-related activations including brunch events for consumers to enjoy the beverage with different types of cuisine.

opening at the launch, our talented local musician- Jumero.
guests were treated with a good laugh by popular comedians, Australian Jonathan Atherton and Singaporean Rishi Budhrani b^^d
popular comedians, Australian Jonathan Atherton in action :D
popular Singaporean comedian Rishi Budhrani :)
Somersby #ThatWeekendFeeling LOL b^^d

In addition, the brand is also rewarding its consumers with #ThatWeekendFeeling surprise party for celebrative occasions so do is check out Somersby Facebook page or #ThatWeekendFeeling micro site to nominate a friend and propose the occasion you would like to celebrate together with the nominated friend, and you're good to go for a wonderful #ThatWeekendFeeling surprise party ^^

For more information about Somersby Cider, log onto www.facebook.com/somersbymy.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Nuffnang Premiere @GSC Pavilion KL

In 2012, director Joss Whedon succeeded in making Marvel's fan dreams came true with The Avengers assembly, a Marvel's superheroes alliance comprises of Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye & Black Widow, basically a dream-like all-star team that seems never fail to impress (in case you didn’t know Marvel's The Avengers ranked 3rd in the All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses with grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide).    

The Avengers: Age of Ultron l Now Showing.

This April 2015, the heroes reassemble in the sequel of Marvel's The Avengers, goes by the name The Avengers: Age of Ultron which turn out to be another crowd-pleasing blockbuster movie packed with tons of high tech gadgets, explosion, super heroes action scenes and of course a badass super villain—Ultron (an artificial intelligence creation by Stark which were suppose to keep world at peace but unfortunately short circuit a little and decided to destroy the world.. sounds kinda familiar? ya guess that's not the first time A.I. try to mess up our world huh :P).  

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Nuffnang Premiere @GSC Pavilion KL. You know its a definite blockbuster when you have Hulkbuster in da house b^^d  #NNPremiere #AvengersAgeOfUltron

Being the epic follow-up to the biggest super hero movie of all time, even though a few interesting characters has been introduce into the sequel, the overall story line is still relatively simple and predictable compared to the former, with a lack of genuine ‘unexpected action’ and character depth. That being said, the opening sequence with the impeccable appearance of our all-time-favourite Marvel’s Avengers heroes is still an impressive piece of action filmmaking, and the most anticipated scene of mine- the Hulk vs Hulkbuster action, that’s something I'd enjoy watching over and over again (not going to tell you why they fight but I’m glad they did XD). On top of that, the nicely infuse sense of humor did strikes some extra credits for the movie ^^

New favourite- The Hulkbuster

As the saying goes: there's a hero in all of us, so when the heroes assemble, let it be a ‘pop-culture sugar rush' or a ‘deep dark twisted plot showdown’, I’ll still eagerly anticipating the upcoming Marvel's cinematic sequels ;) 

ps: don't leave too soon after the movie end, purplish Easter egg available :P

 thanks to NuffnangMy & and Walt Disney Studio Malaysia for the cool Avengers t-shirt ^^

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

HANAYA Japanese Dining @ Grand Millennium Hotel KL

Situated right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s golden triangle, HANAYA Japanese Dining (華家) is one uprising gem not to be missed for those who seek for an authentic Japanese cuisine indulgence. Nested in the Grand Millennium Hotel KL, this newly emerged restaurant which launched operation just few days ago offers a top of the pile culinary indulgence where all dishes are created with quality seasonal ingredients by experienced chefs b^^d

It was a pleasure to be invited to a pre-opening dining at the restaurant where we were presented with a wonderful 8 courses menu, the palatable dishes definitely makes a great impression and the engaging staffs add more credit to the restaurant ^^   

HANAYA Japanese Dining @ Grand Millennium Hotel KL, grand opening on 16 April 2015
Elegant simplicity interiors with spacious and comfortable appearance

The Sushi Bar @ Hanaya Japanese Dining
A quick glimpse of the menu

Among the dishes served, what impressed me most were the premium seafood made with air-flown ingredients originated from the Land of the Rising Sun, crafted delicately by skilled and experienced Japanese-trained chefs into some pretty impressive sashimi and sushi of great flavor upon demand.   

Appetiser: Parboiled Red Snapper Soft Roe with Ponzu Sauce
Soup: Common Oriental Clam Fritters with Grated Green Beans Sauce
Entrée: Fried Prawn in 3 Colors, Toufu Skin, Red Snapper with Mozuku Seaweed, Botargo 
chef's creativity delivered through the nicely presented dishes :)
dishes delicately prepared via experience chefs 
Sashimi in progress.. ^^
Assorted Seasonal Sashimi: vinaigrette mackerel, seared salmon with bonito cream cheesse,
botan ebi with avocado & cucumber sauce, Chinese mactra, chutoro with sweet & spicy gochujang sauce
botan ebi, fresh and good on its own, even better with the smooth avocado & cucumber sauce b^^d 
Fresh red snapper, maguro and the amazing otoro stored in an authentic Japanese ice box (behind the chef),
the very first time I've seen one in used ^^
though the clams looks impressive, the most eye catching item here to me is still the marble-like otoro, 
impeccable beauty with an amazing taste indeed ;)
a closer look at the undeniably delicious otoro, gosh that beautiful marbling~  b^^d
while most Japanese restaurants are using powdered form of wasabi as real wasabi can be a little tricky to find,
here @ HANAYA the wasabi is prepared by 
fresh-ground wasabi root 
just to ensure 
a fine quality sushi experience b^^d
Steamed Dish: Steamed Alfonsino  

Drenched in the perfect pink hue with mouthwatering marbling of otoro or a mesmerising indulgence in the tender juicy charcoal grilled premier Akita Wagyu, dine at HANAYA is one luxury experience a Japanese food lovers should not miss. Though the menu might varies as certain dishes are subject to availability, a fine selection of the best imported seasonal ingredients with visually appealing presentation and equally outstanding taste is to be expected, for that a huge thumbs up for the newly emerged sister restaurant of Ten Japanese Fine Dining b^^d 

Chef's Recommended Seasonal Sushi: Iwashi (sardine), Hotate (scallop), Kampachi (almaco jack), Otoro (tuna belly)
and Uni (sea urchin), freshly air flown from multiple location in Japan b^^d
Sushi: Otoro and Uni (sea urchin)
Charcoal Grilled Akita Wagyu Steak
Dessert: Coconut Bavarios with Pineapple Jelly in Piña colada Style
Siphon Coffee

Hanaya Japanese Dining
Grand Millennium Hotel, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2143 3059

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Stay Connected with P1 ToGo MiFi, Now with 1 Month FREE Internet

If you don't already know, Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd (P1) has recently announced its latest P1 ToGo promotion campaignThe promotion offers a 1-month free subscription for those who purchase online and is set to enable the 36 % of data hungry youths aged from 20 -34, especially urbanites, to stay connected with ease and worry-free on limited data usage.

Be your own hotspot- P1 ToGo MiFi
P1 Beyond Broadband

Recognizing the growing trend that youths in urban areas to have multiple devices connected to the Internet simultaneously which the heavy consumption of high definition (HD) content and utilization of large screen devices tend to cause data limit depletion before the end of a bill cycle, the P1 ToGo campaign is offering more value to users by giving unlimited data with speed up to 1 Mbps at only RM 115.53 per month.

P1 ToGo promotion campaign l 1-month free subscription l 6 April to 13 May 2015

The MX 230 modem (MiFi modem) in the package would address the needs of youths and urbanites as the modem allows multiple devices such as laptop, smartphones and tablets to be connected and shared, indoor and outdoor, anytime. The campaign is running from 6 April to 13 May 2015. For more information about this campaign log-on to http://www.p1.com.my/mifi/.

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

BigSpoon l 大汤匙 @ SetiaWalk Puchong

位于 SetiaWalk PuchongBigSpoon大汤匙)餐厅或许是SetiaWalk最名副其实的店家了,走入这家位于SetiaWalk D栋底楼以木纹为装潢主题的餐厅,从上菜那一刻起你将会看见无数食物随着的一只只的大汤匙接踵而至,大汤匙之名果然货真价实 :) BigSpoon原本以面条起家,源自中国的师傅改良了南方人因小巧习惯而喜以小碗盛放食物的传统,以更有趣可爱的大汤匙取代小碗为盛放食物的器皿,为客人们在享用餐点的同时添入更多乐趣。除了招牌的鸡丝凉面钟水饺麻婆豆腐饭,近期店家亦为菜单添入特制香脆春卷中华沙拉金黄煎饺等特色新品,让客人在有更多选择的当儿可以点入更多的大汤匙,毕竟在这里用餐看着一桌子的大汤匙感觉还蛮棒的说,而且看着随完食后一只接一只堆叠而上的大汤匙一股莫名的成就感更是油然而生 :P

BigSpoon  // 大汤匙 @ SetiaWalk Puchong
位于SetiaWalk D栋底楼(D-7-G),以木纹为装潢主题的BigSpoon餐厅
暖色调的灯光,在晚上到这用餐感觉应该不错 ^^
BigSpoon @ SetiaWalk Puchong
以面食为主所以用的餐具是,个人觉得添上支架则更为方便贴心 :)
菜单一览:必试佳肴,个人推荐鸡丝凉面搭配师傅特制的花椒及辣椒油 :)

新品上市,以下排序不分先后,但就个人口味而言添入店家特调豆豉酱的中华沙拉、佐以些许黑醋的金黄煎饺以及以Q弹虾子搭配草莓的草莓牛油虾味道不错,烹调与酱料上都可体现出师父的小巧思及用心,推荐不妨一试 ^^ 由于一些新品店家仍在调整口味及价位,因此暂时还没标价

Tomatoes in sweet Osmanthus sauce //桂花番茄,新鲜番茄配上薄薄的桂花浆,清爽的开胃小菜
Oriental Salad //中华沙拉,以酱清、花生酱、黑醋等调味的樱桃番茄、生菜与炸云吞皮,脆口的口感加上甜中带咸的味道,
 (RM 1.9)
Pan Fried Dumplings //金黄煎饺,温温煎饺搭配数滴黑醋一口一颗,还蛮有满足感的 ^^  (RM 3.9)
Fried Spring Roll //香脆春卷,脆皮春卷,记得同样必须搭配店家特调蘸酱哦 (RM 3.9)
Crispy Taro Roll //香酥芋卷 (RM 4.9)
Strawberry Butter Cream Prawns //草莓奶油虾,饱满Q弹的虾子配上带些许甜味的奶油酱却意外的和谐,
伴着的草莓甜度也刚刚好,赞一个 b^^d

除了特色大汤匙之外,店里的另一特色便是几乎清一色的入口饮料咯,康师傅、哇哈哈、北冰洋等,感觉很有中国台湾的fu ^^ 店家自制的凉茶饮料目前也在研发中,敬请期待 :)

康师傅系列,有到过台湾的朋友应该觉得很亲切吧 ;)
Dumpling with In House Special Sauce //钟水饺,源自中国四川的小吃,以辣豆豉酱与红油调味,微甜带咸及些许辛辣的尾韵还蛮有层次感的 ^^ (RM 3.9)
Chicken Cold Noodle // 招牌鸡丝凉面 (RM 1.9)
想让味蕾体验花椒刺激的吃货们请自行提高花椒油比列 :P 
伴随而至的是莫名的成就感 :P
Golden Pear Essence Dessert // 金山雪梨冰糖雪耳 (RM 4.9)

想体验大汤匙乐趣的吃货可点击>这里<查看他们的脸书哦 ^^

BigSpoon  l 大汤匙
D-7-G, Block D, Setiawalk, 
Persiaran Wawasan, Puchong.
Tel: 012-357 5865

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