Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lifecycle Planning: Ultimate Solo Freedom Vs Family Commitment

People sometimes wonder.. How does it feel to be a single man?

Well for starters you’re nobody's first priority..

Everyone is part of a couple..

Physical touch is a thing for other people..

Jealousy is green and ugly and real..

A lovely sunny Sunday morning seems so dull as if something's missing..

No one gets it..

Well if that’s what you have in mind here’s something that might give you a second thought—— It's called the privileges of a single freelancer a.k.a a life without limits #TheUltimateFreedomOfBeingAlive :P

Which kinda looks like thisGo Anyway Anytime You Want

Like this ↓↓ No Explanations Or Excuses

Like this ↓↓↓ House Rules Are Your Rules

And like this ↓↓↓↓ NBA Weekend at Home instead of Handbag Man at Mall

And like this ↓↓↓↓↓ Not having to do stuff you don't want to

↓↓↓↓↓The unlimited sense of FREEDOM↓↓↓↓↓

That being said, while single life is ridiculously awesome, still life is more than just momentary enjoyment and it is always wise to look further. The time will come where the picture of life shift from solo to family..

And family life can be pretty overwhelming..

And sometimes a tad exhausting..

ok maybe more :P

Hence, a solid financial plan is essential for every man who seeks for a comfy enjoyable retirement years. 

Entering the first month of 2016, it is right about time to roll out the new year resolutions. Adding on to the fundamental idea of living-life-to-the-fullest (#lifewithoutlimits ^^), securing a comfortable future with worry-free post-retirement life will be something new to look forward to in my 2016 New Year's Resolutions. It’s hard at times for people like us to decide on choosing an insurance plan that provides the correct amount of coverage. And who do we buy from – so many insurance companies in town. Do like what I’ve done – I took a tour toSun Life Malaysia Money For Life portal – it has a game thingy that helps me visualise my future and decide on my future financial needs. Simple enough for all to understand! And after that, I just left my details online and their financial advisor called me up for an in-depth explanation on a suitable plan based on my needs.

Something that looks like this ↓↓↓

And like this ↓↓↓

Sun Life Malaysia - Money For LifeIt’s never too early to plan for retirement Starts turning hopes for the future into reality today >> ;)