Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Tiger Jams Brings You The Epic Finale——Centrestage ft. Chvrches

Whats'up Tiger fans and friends! In case you don't already know, the grand finale of Tiger Jams series——the 'Tiger Jams Centrestage' is finally here~~ and our talented homeground electronica artist, Rozella – one of the three Tiger Jams finalist – has been handpicked by international act of the night——Scottish synthpop band Chvrches for a special Tiger Jams collaboration!

'Tiger Jams Centrestage' l 2nd Sept 2016 l 6:30 pm @ Rhapsody Square, Trec KL

Taking place on Sept 2 at Rhapsody Square, Trec KL, Tiger Jams Centrestage will feature the Top 3 contestants - Rozella, Son of a Policeman, Donamarie, acclaimed Asian acts The Sam Willows (Singapore), ToNick (Hong Kong) and Darren Ashley (Malaysia), and Chvrches. The venue will also showcase art pieces by Tiger Jams’ local visual artist, Donald Abraham, Kenji Chai and Flex, who were also instrumental in the creative production of each of the three finalists’ music video made for their Tiger Jams’ original track 0oo0 0oo0 

homeground electronica artist, Rozella (Kota Kinabalu) has been handpicked by international act of the night——Scottish synthpop band Chvrches for a special Tiger Jams collaboration!

Formed in 2011 as a studio project between long-time friends Iain Cook and Martin Doherty - Chvrches, which also features Lauren Mayberry on lead vocals, released their debut album, The Bones of What You Believe in 2013. The album earned them widespread critical acclaim as well as a strong fan base after touring extensively throughout 2014. The band’s sound mostly derives from the synthpop genre, with indietronica and indie pop influences. Their second album, Every Open Eye, was released in 2015 to rave reviews, and this year band wrote the original track to the recently released Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, an action-adventure platform video game. Their success and grounded personalities make them a no-brainer choice for a collaboration with one of Malaysia’s top undiscovered talents.

Tiger Jams sets out to be an epic jam session to celebrate the sights and sounds from Asia. It aspires to bring the freshest talents together in celebration of music and art. For more information on obtaining exclusive passes to Tiger Jams Centerstage, visit Tiger Beer’s Facebook page, or ;)

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

New GILLETTE MACH3® Launch 2016 @ Talent Lounge, PJ Trade Centre #GreatShaveGreatSkin

Upgraded sharper blades, TUT-advance blade coating technology, enhanced lubrication strip.. That’s right ladies and gentlemen the new Gillette Mach3® family is back with its popular trio —— Gillette Mach3®, Mach3® Sensitive and Mach3® Turbo, this time featuring Gillette’s re-engineered advanced blade coating technology and enhanced gel bar, committed to help deliver a great shave and great skin ;)

New GILLETTE MACH3® Launch 2016 @ Talent Lounge, PJ Trade Centre #GreatShaveGreatSkin
***psss... 10 Gillette Mach3® razor up for grabs, find out how at the end of the post ;)
#NewGillétteMach3 #GreatShaveGreatSkin

Understands that great skin starts with a great shave and how irritating a razor burn can be, for more than a century Gillette has stood with men with one belief at heart —— to makes men's lives just a little easier by providing the right shaving tool, not only one that ensure enjoyable shaving experiences with redness and irritation free skin but also to boost your confidence by aid in achieving a better-looking skin ;)

Gillette revealed the new Mach3® at the Talent Lounge in a talk-show styled event hosted by Nadia Heng, ft. special guest local celebrity Fahrin Ahmad :)
Fahrin’s sharing session about his grooming challenges and how he overcame these challenges with the new Gillette Mach3®
local celebrity Fahrin Ahmad & invited media guests shaving with the new Gillette Mach3® Turbo  ;)
#NewGillétteMach3, better than the disposable even on its 10th shave ;) #GreatShaveGreatSkin

With a total of seven key features, including spring mounted three-blades, skin guard, front pivot, open architecture, ergonomic handle and single docking system, the new Gillette Mach3® demonstrated excellent focus on a great shave to enable men to achieve great skin ;)

The hero of the family——the Gillette Mach3® Turbo is one of the main highlights worth-mentioning, upgraded with sharper blades, coated with Gillette’s most advanced coating TUT-technology (Thin Uniform Telomer Technology) and equipped with enhanced gel bar to reduce the “cutting force” involved in shaving off the tough hair, Gillette Mach3® Turbo is basically all it takes to achieve a great shave – comfortable and close b^^d

Nadia and Fahrin having a good time interacting with the audience through word games ;)
New GILLETTE MACH3® Launch 2016 @ Talent Lounge, PJ Trade Centre #GreatShaveGreatSkin

Enabling both comfort and closeness in shaving, achieving great-looking skin with a great shave is is as simple as 1 2 3 with the new Gillette Mach3®! Grab yours today and try it out yourself ;)

***So, you've heard it all.. AND now here's how you could win yourself a brand new Gillette Mach3® razor~ all you need to do is to "share with us about your shaving regime and how the new Mach3® will elevate your experience to a new level" by commenting on this blogpost, 10 most creative comments will walk away with the new Gillette Mach3® razor

- Giveaway will last for a week from Tuesday, 30th August to Wednesday, 7th September 2016. Selected winners will be contacted for personal details (the information is strictly for prize mailing purposes only

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Friday, 26 August 2016

iiCity——HomeStay MarketPlace: Discover Your Ultimate Homestay Experience ft. Garden Studio Homestay @Face Platinum Suites, KL #住宿推荐

作为常驻吉隆坡的部落客吃货兼背包客,雪隆区的美食经年累月也介绍了不少,然而一直以来想以吉隆坡这一与个人渊源颇深的城市为目的地写一篇旅游po文的想法却迟迟未能付诸于现实.. 在年复一年的海外旅游po文以后.. 终于.. 终于在这个八月以吉隆坡为主的旅游po文终于来啦~~ *在这里首先先特别感谢促成这一篇po文的iiCity以及Garden Studio*

言归正传,所谓好的住宿带你上天堂坏的住宿让人泪两行,本次的吉隆坡po文便从旅游至关重要的一环——住宿介绍开始吧 ;) 本次po文不走一般路线旅友们所熟悉常用的旅游住宿預訂网站一概不在本文讨论范围,在这里为大家带来special的独家推介!话说本次推荐的的住宿网站兼个人透过网站预定的住宿都超棒der有看到有赚到啦~~~ :P 那么..准备好了吗?!Ladies & gentlemen向大家热情推介2016年全新online以提供舒适便捷特色住宿为主打的民宿&度假屋网站——iiCity Homestay MarketPlace *掌声鼓励鼓励 ^^

于2016年首季度刚开始营业的iiCity Homestay MarketPlace是一个方便亲民的民宿&度假屋供给平台,目前以东南亚为主区块为驴友们提供各种特色住宿 ;)
除了全马各地想到泰国、新加坡、柬埔寨等国出游的驴友们也可以在这里搜寻住宿 :)
最棒的是透过iiCity预定民宿还包括了机场/综合交通枢纽到住宿点的免费接送服务哦 b^^d

除了一般亲民便捷的民宿之外iiCity的网站也不乏各种地点以及风景都超棒的高档住宿(重点是价格还挺合理的),而且透过网站预定民宿还提供由机场/综合交通枢纽到住宿点的免费接送服务免除驴友们人生地不熟找路烦恼的安排方便又贴心 ;)

第一次使用iiCity的住宿体验个人感觉超棒的,除了房间舒适度让人非常满意之外入住地点的风景更是远远超出预期,口说无凭先来两张本次住宿homestay的超美夜景preview一下,更精彩的还在后头请别走开 ^^

本次透过iiCity Homestay mMarketPlace民宿&度假屋网站预定的homestay是位于Face Platinum Suites, KLGarden Studio Delux Suite 1,光是位于48楼房间窗外的吉隆坡夜景就已经很无敌了啊有木有 ;)
吉隆坡双峰塔夜景一览无遗而且一整夜持续无限放送~~ b^^d

除了让人超惊艳的无敌城市夜景,个人入住的Garden Studio Delux Suite 1房间本身舒适简洁的设计也挺赞的,可容纳四人的双方双卫浴单位除了基本配备如毛巾,拖鞋,吹风机,熨斗,冰箱,空调,网络(而且还是unifi2.4G高速网络)都有,甚至还有洗衣机和烤箱,住在风景超棒又超舒服的dream house里感觉棒棒哒 b^^d

清晨醒来便可俯瞰城市的感觉很赞啊有木有 b^^d
Garden Studio Delux Suite 1 Homestay @Face Platinum Suites, KL
木质地板搭配温暖的灯光让人有家的温馨感 ;)
双方双卫浴的设计就算入住四人也没有淋浴间不足的问题啦,个人尤其喜欢主卧间的宽敞卫浴间,感觉在里边做伏地挺身都没问题啊 :P

逃离一般工作routine,在闹市中静静的呆着 ;)

早晨用咖啡香向城市说早安 ^^
夜晚当然要来点水果氣泡飲 :P

还记得之前所说的‘更精彩的还在后头’以及‘风景更远远超出预期’吗?综合以上以两点为大家献上位于Face Platinum Suites, KL Level 51 Sky Deck的无敌无边际泳池!俯瞰吉隆坡市区的高空无边际游泳池左有双峰塔右边则是吉隆坡塔,就连旁边知名五星酒店Renaissance都只有它一半的高度,这里风景的精彩度绝对是一级棒der~~ 话说在这里游泳真的的有种遨游在空中的感觉啊 b^^d

Face Platinum Suites, KL Level 51 Sky Deck
个人欣赏吉隆坡美景的绝佳viewpoint又添一个啦 b^^d
完全诠释了双峰塔的tagline 'stunning by day, glorious by night' b^^d

当然夜景同样精彩不减啦 b^^d

最后让大家看看简单的iiCity订房流程,近期想旅游却不想像一般游客般住一样的酒店看一样的风景的话不妨搜寻iiCity网站来点独家的特色住宿吧 :)


1. 透过地点与日期选定住宿(网站都会提供住宿地点的详细资料
2. 采用电邮和屋主(host)直接联络确定住宿后便可选择抵达后的机场/综合交通枢纽——住宿点免费接送服务
3. 网上转账后便会收到确定订房通知
全部讯息都会出现在个人的iiCity会员户口,接下来与屋主的联络无论通过电邮或网站提供的whatsapp号码都很方便 ;)

想要了解更多关于民宿&度假屋网站——iiCity Homestay MarketPlace所提供的特色住宿请点击iiCity官网@ 或官方脸书页@, 更多关于Garden Studio Homestay @Face Platinum Suites, KL>可参考这里<  :) 

》点击这里《加入iiCity会员以获取USD 10订房金额 ;)

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

满福楼.桑拿蒸锅 l Moon Folk Sauna Steamboat @ Sri Petaling #原汁原味 #海鲜桑拿蒸锅 #新店报给你知

话说前些阵子雪隆区吹起了健康饮食风,无油无水单纯利用高温水蒸气蒸锅料理食材俗称桑拿的烹调方式突然成了大家的新心头好,在日前友人邀约加上好奇心驱使下于是个人也不能免俗的到了Sri Petaling营业刚满两个月的桑拿蒸锅餐厅Moon Folk Sauna Steamboat满福楼)一探究竟 ;)

满福楼.桑拿蒸锅l Moon Folk Sauna Steamboat @ Sri Petaling


位于Bandar Baru Sri Petaling Zone J(知名蛋糕店Moonlight Cake House附近)满福楼.桑拿蒸锅 Moon Folk Sauna Steamboat,如店名表示这里主打的是以各种新鲜海鲜为主食材的桑拿蒸锅料理。除了由安顺新鲜直送的肉蟹,其它美味海鲜如带子、花枝、文蛤、老虎虾等也一应俱全,除了桑拿蒸锅以蒸汽料理出原汁原味的海鲜以及在蒸锅底下加入米饭萃取各种海鲜精华熬煮而成的粥品之外,店家也提供各式同样以海鲜为主的单点菜肴,想来点健康家庭聚餐的朋友们不妨可以考虑这里 :)

由安顺新鲜直送的肉蟹 ;)
4-6人份的海鲜桑拿蒸锅,木船造型的摆盘还蛮好看的 ;)
新鲜的螃蟹和个头不小的老虎虾 :)
个人最爱的还是饱满的带子 ^^
除了海鲜类食材店家自己研发的药材鸡肉质滑嫩带有药材香气挺不错哦 ^^
蒸煮数分钟后一掀锅盖药材香气立马四溢啊 ^^

满福楼的桑拿蒸锅各种食材都会轮流蒸煮以确保客人们都能够品尝到食材的原汁原味,从一开始的药材鸡、青边蚝、带子、石斑鱼片、老虎虾到生猛肉蟹,所有食材分类蒸煮都会有店员负责在桌边协助服务相当贴心方便啦 ;)


桑拿蒸锅搭配各式单点菜色感觉很丰盛啊 ;)
饱满的带子是个人的最爱 ^^
老虎虾、石斑鱼片、台湾鲍鱼片、花枝 :)
最后再铺上青菜 :)
蒸熟后的食材总是比较诱人啊 :P
除了品尝食材的原味想要让味道更丰富的朋友们也可以试试各种店家特调的蘸酱,据说全都是家传秘方哦 ;)

除了桑拿蒸锅这里的单点现钞海鲜味道也挺不错的,偏好炸物或香辣咸香等传统中式海鲜料理方式的朋友们也可以点来搭着蒸锅吃 :)

咸蛋香酥螃蟹,蟹螯的size还挺可观啊 ^^
老虎虾加麦片大火快炒,咸香带酥 ^^

当然最后少不了积满海鲜晶华的蒸锅粥底啦,天然的海鲜精华煮粥感觉很棒啊 ^^
满满的一碗精华,上边的蟹肉是个人自己加的 :P

满福楼 l Moon Folk Sauna Steamboat
77, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone: +60 3-9054 7711

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