Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Gillette Mach3® Turbo Review - Great Skin Starts With a Great Shave

Basic shaving can be pretty easy for men, simply pick up a razor and drag it across your face until the stubble’s are gone.. However, for some (especially those who use disposable razors), a really good shave——one that wouldn’t let you end up in various skin issues such as razor burn, irritation and cuts can be difficult to achieve.

We all know that great skin starts with a pleasurable shave (one which leave you with clean and healthy skin), and a good shaving regimen definitely helps.. That being said, other than the know-how, getting the right shaving tools is equally important if you’re looking for a good, comfortable, irritation-free shave ;)

Personally Gillette, the Mach3® Turbo to be specific, is so far the only razor I trusted when it comes to delivering a great shave and great skin ;) Recently re-engineered with sharper blades, advance coating TUT-technology (Thin Uniform Telomer Technology) and an enhanced gel bar to reduce the ‘cutting force’ while deliver a closer, clean and comfortable shave, this is definitely something you should opt for instead of those cheap plastic disposable razor which do nothing but compromising your skin and letting you end up with skin redness and irritation ;) 

Thanks to Gillette now Malaysian men can have it all—a great shave and a great skin— ;)
Gillette Mach3® Turbo—— Great Shave = Great Skin

The new Mach3 comes with seven key features (individual spring mounted three-blades, skin guard, front pivot, open architecture, ergonomic handle and single docking system) that focuses on a great shave to enable men to achieve great skin, the performance of Gillette Mach3® Turbo's is simply as pleasurable as it claims to be——better than a disposable, even on the 10th shave b^^d

getting the right shaving tools is crucial if you’re looking for a comfortable, irritation-free shave ;) Gillette Mach3® Turbo #NewGillétteMach3 #GreatShaveGreatSkin
three-blades razor, the first blade to extend the hair out of the skin follicle, the next two blades cut the hair further down the shaft. Individual spring mounts and single docking system adjust according to different shaving pressure and skin types for a comfortable shaving experience
front pivot to redirect the force away from the blades, soft and flexible new skin guards smoothen the skin before a shave
ergonomic handle provides secure grip and control, open architecture which enables easy rinsing and cleaning of the cartridge

The new Gillette Mach3® Turbo promises nothing less than comfort and closeness in shaving, try it out yourself and bid farewell to razor burn and irritation ;) To find out more on the new Gillette Mach3®, connect with Gillette on Facebook @

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