Saturday, 27 April 2013

Passion For Fashion is Back!! ♫❣ ♬♩ ♪ ^^

What's up guys! Here's some awesome news of excitement you wouldn't wanna miss.^^

In case you haven't notice April 2013 is about to end & if you’re looking for an opportunity to end this month in style, here’s something perfectly customise just for you-PASSION FOR FASHION 2013! A Fashion & Film Industries Luminaries brought to you exclusively by G GLOBAL MEDIA, JM PRODUCTIONS and BELVEDERE VODKA.

Since its launch in 2009 PASSION FOR FASHION has no doubt to be one of the most sought after fashion events with the attendance of top international models, directors, actors, photographers, hosts, celebrities, agencies, producers and editors.

Hosted by international supermodels Gemma Louise and Samantha Schoers from Australia, musical entertainment by American headliner Patrick Oliver, M’sia electrifying local jocks DJ Darling & DJ Faith PASSION FOR FASHION 2013 @THE BUTTER FACTORY KL will definitely deliver a mind-blowing party experience!


Getting excited? Well that’s not all, while you’re enjoying a nice shot of Belvedere with epic vibes in your ears remember to keep your eyes open as fashion designers Lexi Lyla (Dawn Yang, Singapore) and LuveLuxe (Jean Ng, Malaysia) will be putting up some cool & edgy fashion shows exclusively for the event!

Do you have the Passion for Fashion? Do you wish for a night of style, fun & excitement?  Well mark your calendar then- April 30, 2013, PASSION FOR FASHION 2013@THE BUTTER FACTORY KL, see you there V^__^v

For more event details & reservation, check out Passion For Fashion Facebook >HERE< 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Iron Man 3 movie Review-Nuffnang Premiere Screening

After his quest with The Avengers back in 2012, this April 2013 Tony Stark the eccentric genius, billionaire, philanthropist of Marvel's Superheroes series who famously known as the armored superhero-Iron Man is finally back! v^__^v

However things are a little bit different now...our hero isn’t as supreme as he use to be.. In Iron Man 3 Tony finds himself plagued by worry and trepidation, his world is destroyed at his enemy's hands and those closest to him are threatened. With his back against the wall Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him.. Yes Heroes fall.. Could he fight his way back? That’s the question to be answered..

 Here’s what Marvel Studios President & Iron Man 3 producer, Kevin Feige has to say regarding the movie-  “[Marvel’s Iron Man 3] delves into Tony Stark’s character in a great, quirky, unexpected way, and one of the signatures of a Shane Black film, which Iron Man 3 has in spades, is that when you think the movie is going to go left, it suddenly goes right.”

Well personally I agree that Iron Man 3 is a nice film, funny dialogues, high stake actions, impressive special effects & explosions which make up a pretty entertaining movie. However there’s still a little bit of disappointment as there’s a lack of personality & character development for the villains. Though the starting 60 mins was great but the progress later on tend to pull down the overall scoring as the suppose to be climax final battle turn out to be a bit clumsy and the story ends up giving me a feelings like ‘Hey there’s not much of a fall after all’..Anyway it is still an entertaining blockbuster movie & I enjoy watching it. :)  

Thnx to Nuffnang fr d tics & super cool T-shirt, cheers~ :)

In case you know nothing about Iron Man here's a super effective clip to fill you up-Iron Man in 5 minutes XD

ps: check out this super cool website of Iron Man 3 HERE & my previous post of

Iron Man 3: My Way! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ which brings me the super cool Iron Man 3 T-shirt & movie passes ^^   

Rating: 7.9/10~ ^^

Sunday, 21 April 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

I am no doubt the Unstoppable Explorer when it comes to SPORTS..& being unstoppable is only the beginning.. :) Passion, tons of training hours & a sprinkle of nature talent, that’s what within me which aid to triumph :D

Why do call yourself an unstoppable explorer? Now that’s a very tough question to answer as I have a wide scope of interest in sports, indoor/ outdoor/ extreme/ land/ water/ skill orientated/ adventurous..You name it & I’m in! Boundaries? There is no such thing, perhaps only sky's the limit :) 

Now to back myself up here’s a little something I got involved with just few months back to put my strength into test- 
Skytrex Bkt Cahaya shah Alam.
Fear Zone Fear Factor MY.
which both turns out to be a wonderful experience by d way..Like I said- only sky's the limit :P Basically I wont face much obstacles when I go up against those challenges however when it comes to exploration which involve jungles and woods keeping myself on the right track is the tricky part, learn it the hard way when I almost got lost finding my way to Skytrex Shah Alam. :P So if I were to pick an essential gadget which I can count on in my adventures, GPS would definitely be my top priority ^__^
my choice of GPS
Anyway back to the topic, the unstoppable explorer of sports might sounds a bit vague, if a single specification is to be made, BASKETBALL would be my choice of forte. A popular sport many people play but few advance. Accuracy, skills, courage & the urge to explore your limits, that’s what I believe in to dominate a game. Now thanx to the latest innovative service by Astro—— Astro-On-The-Go (ATGO) I can easily access to my favourite sports matches & events live anytime, anywhere which is awesome!  Y^___^Y
The Unstoppable Explorer of Adventure & Sports on Broga Hill XD
Should have brought my iPad, I miss ATGO in it -_______-  

Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

This is a continuation of my Sunday old friends gathering post, click HERE to begin-->Yuen Garden Dim Sum @ Puchong :)

Zen Japanese Restaurant is located on top of Kim Gary, opposite of Sushi Zanmai Sunway. If you’re a regular at the always long queue Zanmai you probably notice that there is a relatively quite restaurant situated right at the opposite, most of the time my friends & I will simply join the Zanmai queue, well not today. We decided to give Zen a try & we know we made a great call once we entered. Wonderful interior and ambiance! :) Also a perfect ten for their services, simply the best which for the very first time I feel like the service charge is actually worth it b^^d.

stylish & unique interior :)
open kitchen, clean & clear :)
 As for the food, their quality is exceptionally good compare to other Japanese restaurants such as shogun, sakae, sushi king.. Even though it is a bit pricey but still there is absolutely no issue of overpricing.    
warm Oshibori served by sweet attendant once we seated :) 
Chicken Teriyaki Zen (RM28)
chicken teriyaki 
surprisingly nice & rich in content chawanmushi come with the set :)
Sake Oyako Zen with super thick satisfying salmon slices (RM33)
crispy Tori karaage (RM16)
delightful Unagi (RM7/pc)
Rating:8/10~ ^^

Address for Zen Japanese Restaurant:
OB2.F.U2, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya.

Yuen Garden Din Sum @ Puchong (甜园港式点心茶楼)

A wonderful Sunday morning dinsum breakfast with old friends turn into a Chinese Japanese food fusion session after we decided to extend our breakfast session to a nice cosy lunch @ Sunway Pyramid. Well what can I say, life is sometimes happening right.. :P

Since I took some pics & the food was pretty nice so here it is, 2 posts of Yuen Garden Dim Sum @ Puchong & Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid for all foodies  :)   

Yuen Garden Dim Sum @ Puchong (甜园港式点心茶楼)- Located at Puchong Jaya (opposite IOI Mall Puchong) the two-stories Hong Kong style dim sum restaurant is a good option if you feel like having some nice Siew Mai (minced pork), Har Kao (prawn dumpling), Fried Yam Paste with Minced Pork or Bao for breakfast. 
Yuen Garden Dim Sum (甜园港式点心茶楼)
Fried Carrot Cake
Siew Mai

They have almost all the basic dim sums which are pleasantly tasty, serves nice & warm just the way I like it.
Har Kao b^^d
Steamed Yam Cake b^^d
Since it is a famous dinsum restaurant so yes it can be very crowded especially on Sunday morning..
9am in the morning..
For part 2--> Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid, simply Click HERE :)

Rating: 7/10

Address for Yuen garden dim sum:
1 Jalan Kenari 18
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong Selangor, Malaysia

Friday, 19 April 2013

XIXILI Once Upon a Fairy Tale: Good v.s. The Wicked Fashion Show (^——^)

If you happen to be at the centre court of Mid valley last Thursday night, I bet it would be one of the most special moment you’ve ever had in Mid Valley Megamall.. A wonderful occasion where journey to the dreamy wonderland edged..  :) Here’s a sneak peek of what’s going on~

In conjunction with the fabulous Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week 2013, a private event entitled——X I X I L I, Once Upon a Fairy Tale: Good v.s. The Wicked was hosted by XIXILI showcasing their exclusive Spring Summer 2013 intimates collection and a speckle of the hottest picks from Autumn Winter 2012.

wonderful catwalk runway b^^d

When it comes to fashion, Kronenberg will always be there :D
Kronenberg Blanc, my preference :)
The Disney tune lingerie fashion show was awesome, opulence & contrast as the all-time favourite Disney characters came alive modelling down the catwalk in the hottest lingerie collections :D 
cute finger food were served before the show start :) 

lemon lychee :)
& ladies & gentlemen, Once Upon a Fairy Tale, let the story begins~~~ *clap clap* ^^

lovely event host Nadia 
Disney tunes live :)
So guys its time to take your pick, who's your favourite? Would it be Princess Jasmine or Jafar, Cinderella or the Wicked Stepmother, Alice or the Queen of Hearts, or some other adorable fairy tale character? ^^ 
click to enlarge :)
adorable :)
Good v.s. The Wicked


pretty :)

Jafar & Jasmine
was it a great show? Well you can tell by the facial expression..  XD 

a little sexy move perhaps :P

Before the shows ended, Lucky Draw! v^__^v 

this young lady just won herself a trip to Bali *clap clap*

Final recap of our appealing models :D 
ps: Thanx to OCBC MY for the invitation, cheers~ :)