Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Printcious: Personalized Precious Gifts for Your Special One

Buying shirts or gifts from online stores sounds too mainstream? All too common that people are selling the same designs? Well here’s one cool and easy way to get rid of the hassles—— Creates your own personalised stuff ^^

So I’ve recently found this interesting website called PRINTCIOUS, the name which stands for ‘PRINTing of your PreCIOUS gifts’ is pretty much self-explanatory, dedicated to advocate the beauty culture of gift-giving the site equipped with heat transfer printing technology offers a wide variety of customised DIY gifts for its patrons, special gifts for your special one, a great way to impress yeah ;)  

PRINTCIOUS——PRINTing of your PreCIOUS gifts’
Best Gift Ideas For Men & Women ;)

Looking for a wardrobe upgrade recently, I've decided to try-out customising my own shirts through the website, adding up adding personal touches of my favourite pics & text on the T-shirt was so much fun that I end up ordered a total of five shirts instead of two which I initially had in mind :P

package came in about a week after the order placement, pretty efficient considering the fact that these are customised stuff which takes time to print :)

Pleasantly surprised to note that all the shirts forms well to the body & quite comfortable to wear, guess 100 % premium cotton does makes a difference ;)

my shirts, my touch v^^v #movietime #Deadpool #StarWarsTheForceAwakens #PRINTCIOUS
But First Coffee~~ ;) #JzWorld #PRINTCIOUS

Other than my favourite personalised T-shirts printing, here at PRINTCIOUS the website also offers up to 200 gift items ranging from mugs, plates, cushions, puzzles, gadgets, phone casing and more, all customisable with your choice of photos and text ^^

Time for some personalised gifts~ let your creative juices flow~ :)

When it comes to gifts send your special one something they'd never expect is always a good idea, a personalised gifts with your creative touch on it——now that’s definitely the one of a kind unique gift that they will remember for a very long time~ and I bet you already know where to get one yeah ààà  http://www.printcious.com/ ;)

your favourite gifts delivered to your doorstep, simply send in your delivery address ^^

Find out more @ http://www.printcious.com/, get your personalised gifts today ;)

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