Friday, 25 August 2017

Apple Fox Cider——All-new New Zealand Inspired Cider Now in Malaysia!

Nothing beats a long cool refreshing real apple cider on a blue-skied sunny day~ Regardless of whether you're a ale, cider, lager or stout person here’s a cider you don't want to miss.. Ladies and gentlemen, cider lovers, may I present to you *drum roll* all the way the land of the long white cloud, the one & only #AppleFoxCider~~~

#WhatTheFox is this?

Introducing the new Apple Fox Cider ^^

Inspired by New Zealand cider makers, Apple Fox uses the best-kept secrets of cider making in creating a distinct, refreshing smooth drinking experience, served over ice. Made from carefully selected good, fresh orchard apples, this all new New Zealand-inspired #applecider offers a crisp refreshing taste, one that not only ripples your senses but also Kick start those joyful spirit to the everyday mundane routines ;) 

The all-new Apple Fox Cider now in Malaysia!

By going into the heart of natural freshness – the orchard –, #AppleFoxCider captures the essence of purity from where the freshest apples are grown. Just like a fox hunting in the orchard, this 4.5% ABV alcoholic cider will steal your heart away with an instant refreshing taste, if you’re one of those seeking a brand that stands for straight-up, instant refreshment with a contemporary and bold edge, look no further as the all-new Apple Fox Cider is now in the game ;)

#WhatTheFox #AppleFoxCider

Available starting from 11th August 2017 in 320 ml cans and 325 ml bottles Apple Fox Cider now can be found in hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, also in bars, pubs and restaurants all across Peninsular Malaysia. East Malaysia peeps can enjoy your Apple Fox cider in September. Also, a special introductory price from RM 5.80 per can will be offered for a limited time to celebrate the launch of Apple Fox Cider in Malaysia ;)

For more information on the all-new cider in town follow Apple Fox Facebook Page, Apple Fox Instagram Page or visit their official website. Don’t forget to #WhatTheFox and #AppleFoxCider while enjoying a Fox with your friends! ^^

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Saturday, 5 August 2017

多达300种的各式蛋糕甜美来袭~~Eat Cake Today~

无论派对生日或其他重要庆祝节日蛋糕都是位居主角不可或缺的重要角色,但若每当需要一颗卖相口味俱佳的蛋糕就得耗时走访各家蛋糕店搜罗购买的话对于像本人一样爱动口却对动手兴致缺缺的吃货而言这烦恼可谓相当让人为难啊 :P 若你也和我一样是个爱好蛋糕甜点的吃货的话那么请把‘Eat Cake Today’这三个英文单字记好啦,至于原因请看下段分晓 ;)

Lets ‘Eat Cake Today’ ^^

多达300种各式甜美蛋糕的网上蛋糕订购平台、集合40余家烘焙坊及蛋糕师傅、动动指尖点点滑鼠网上下单4小时后蛋糕即可在您眼前亮丽登场,是的各位吃货们说的就是本文主角——Eat Cake Today一站式网上蛋糕订购平台 ;)

@ Eat Cake Today ~

集结了烘焙坊、咖啡馆等实体店面以及自家手工自制蛋糕的Eat Cake Today除了提供各种甜美蛋糕之外起司蛋糕曲奇饼干、马卡龙、杯子蛋糕、翻糖蛋糕、千层蛋糕等等也都统统有哦,想要应节庆来个客制化蛋糕譬如父亲节蛋糕、圣诞蛋糕等也完全没问题哦,最棒的是基本款的蛋糕只要网上下单四个小时的时间即可送到府上咯超级高效率啊有木有 ;) 

Nutella Crunch 9 inch ^^ (minimum bake time: 1-day)

Eat Cake Today提供的蛋糕除了实在的用料之外吸睛的造型当然也是必须的无论送礼自用兩相宜啊 ;) 散发浓浓巧克力诱惑的9寸Nutella Crunch是巧克力控绝对不能错过的放纵型甜点,2 kg重的蛋糕每一口都是满满的脆口榛果与巧克力香~

Dark Indulgence 5 inch by Little Chubby Baker (minimum bake time: 1-day)
高贵的Dark Indulgence黑巧克力

除了蛋糕各个店家也提供一些的附属品如蜡烛、手写卡片、蛋糕文字topper等相当的贴心 :)

Chocolate Banana Cake 9 inch by Madeleine Patisserie ;) (minimum bake time: 4-hours)
Walnut Brownies 10 inch by Mr & Mrs Brownie ^^ (minimum bake time: 1-day)
Banoffee Cake 9 inch by Madeleine Patisserie ^^ (minimum bake time: 1-day)
Banoffee Cake
Mango Coconut Cake 9 inch by Madeleine Patisserie ;) (minimum bake time: 4-hours)
Mango Coconut Cake

当然若想来点不一样的跳脱style各种造型蛋糕在Eat Cake Today也找得到哦,下边的情侣专属Love Brownies只是其中之一 ;)

Love, Brownies by Mr & Mrs Brownie ^^ (minimum bake time: 1-day)

可爱的造型杯子蛋糕是派对上的亮眼点缀就算不吃光拍照也超棒der~不信请看下边示范 :P

Facebook @eatcaketoday \\ Instagram #eatcaketoday

平台上的蛋糕一般只需4小时至一天的制作时间,订购时间一周七日无休每天11 am – 7 pm都可以在><下单,想提早预定的客人们也可安排两个月后的蛋糕配送服务 :)

La Belle 5 inch (minimum bake time: 2-days)

椰丝搭上马六甲黑糖的Pandan Gula Melaka满至溢出的奶油和香兰椰香交融的味道是个人所推荐的 ;)

Pandan Gula Melaka 9 inch by Ennoble ^^ (minimum bake time: 4-hours)
Pandan Gula Melaka

当然若想轻便一些色彩缤纷的马卡龙塔是相当不错的选择 ^^

Tower of 25 Assorted Macarons by Ennoble ^^ (minimum bake time: 4-hours)

漂亮的马卡龙每一颗除了颜色不同内馅口味也不一样哦 ;)

漂亮的马卡龙感觉很缤纷 ^^

多达300种的各式蛋糕甜美来袭~~Eat Cake Today~

Eat Cake Today一站式网上蛋糕平台订购平台除了集合多达300种类的各式蛋糕,亦提供客制化蛋糕预定服务,只需四小时的快速送抵服务就算是临时需求也没问题啦,便捷迅速的送抵服务收费只从RM 10起,蛋糕价位从亲民的RM 37到高贵的RM 230都有,更多关于Eat Cake Today蛋糕种类资讯订购与优惠请点官网@ 或下边脸书/Instagram链接 :)

Eat Cake Today
Facebook @eatcaketoday
Instagram #eatcaketoday

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