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Opium KL l 乌香院 @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Notable as the city’s most happening boulevard, the streets of Changkat Bukit Bintang is often associated with endless nightclubs, cocktails bars and pubs. Here at the rowdy drinking joints, booze are often the centrepiece and dishes second. Well that is what we thought before we bumped into Opium KL, a new establishment of Werner's Group (after El Cerdo, The Whisky Bar, The Steakhouse and Dining in the Dark KL) which serves a diverse selection of unique cocktails and surprisingly alluring Asian Oriental delights b^^d      

Opium KL l 乌香院 @ Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Officially opened for business just few months back (July 2014) the retro-Shanghai theme restaurant has indeed showcase a wonderful oriental touch in its decoration and design. For first time customers, expect some mesmerising experience while enjoying a contemporary creative menu under the cosy shanghainese ambiance ;)      

lovely vintage decor with a touch of the orient. 
travel into the past @ Opium KL, Changkat Bukit Bintang ;)
Opium KL interior.

Serving a diverse selection of visually appealing cocktails, mocktails, spirits etc. accompany by some interesting yet charming Asian Oriental cuisine, Opium KL is one of the few places in Changkat which is equally fit for both a wholesome meals or a simple chillax sips ;)       

Opium Specialities: Salted Preserved Lime
Opium Specialities: Mango Asam Boi b^^d
Opium Twisted Classic Cocktails: Ti-Lung Bramble. Name after Ti Lung, a famous face in old school Hong Kong kung fu movies, the gin based blend with lemon juice, dragon fruit and crème de cassis is a must try for hard core kung fu lover ;)
Opium Twisted Classic Cocktails: Concubine's Batida. A cachåca blend with lime, fresh pineapple and sugar. 
Opium House Cocktails: Empress Dowager. A sweet blend of rum, apricot syrup, angostura bitters and lime juice. 
Definite ladies favourite ;)
Opium House Cocktails: Black Dragon. A pleasing blend of vodka,creme de cassis, lemon juice and blackberries, 
served stunningly with a touch of dry ice b^^d

Other than the unique cocktails Opium KL's food menu comprises an interesting display of tasty Asian Oriental delights with a twist. The flavourful Chicken Satay, savoury Angus Beef Rendang and creamy Cod Fish in Curry Sauce are a few of the MUST TRY which we would highly recommend b^^d

Fern Leaf Salad with Grilled Prawns. Gigantic prawns served with sambal, ginger flower, shallots 
and coconut seasoned wild fern leaves.
Chicken Satay. Tender meat skewers with tasty peanut sauce b^^d
Fighting Cock Wings. Chicken wings marinated with chili, lemongrass, local spices and a hint of whisky.
appealing and tasty, drooling.. :P
Angus Beef Rendang. Taste wonderful on its own and heavenly together with the soft fluffy lotus leaf buns b^^d 
Cod Fish in Curry Sauce. Creamy aromatic curry with moist and succulent cod fish, a perfect match 
for the poppy seed rice b^^d 
new on the menu, Opium Black Rice, squid ink fried rice with soft shell crab. A unique variation of fried rice which is rich and appealing, guaranteed to satisfy the hungry hordes tummy b^^d  
Ending the meal on a sweet note is a must. Our dessert favourite goes to the Cheesy Banana Fritters
To our surprise the warm crispy fried banana and homemade frozen banana ice cream made a 
pretty good combination with aged cheddar cheese, thumbs up ;)  

Opium KL
50 Changkat Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone: 03-2142 5670
Business Hours: 
Sunday - Thursday : 4 pm – 1 am 
Friday - Saturday : 4 pm – 2 am

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