Saturday, 8 August 2015

Tiger Radler meets laughter at ‘LOL Fest’

Debut for the very first time in Malaysia, Tiger Radler presented to Kuala Lumpur folks the ‘LOL Fest, a joyful & refreshing four days comedians showdown featuring mesmerizing gags by local and international comedians alike. 

Presented by Tiger Radler, the four-day event aptly named ‘LOL fest’ was held at Publika from July 30 until August 2. Day after the day, the jokesters threw their best jests to keep spectators tickled and the highlight of the festival was definitely the ‘Laugh-a-thon’. The six-hour special held on August 2 showcased amazing comedic talents over a dozen performances featuring the likes of Malaysia’s Andrew Netto, Philippines’ Justin Rivera and Masashi Kumada from Japan. Throughout the mind-blowing evening, spectators were doubly refreshed with some ice cold Tiger Radler

Justin Rivera (R), during one of LOL Fest comedy shows, the ‘Laugh-a-thon’ :D
Kamiyama, a member of the Yoshimoto Kogyo Group
at the
 LOL Fest KL 2015
“Jarred Fell In Possible” by Jarred Fell at the LOL Fest KL 2015

Prior to the festival, visitors to the mall experienced a week-long ‘Laughter Makes The World Go Round’ arts exhibition, which showcased fine arts, doodles and photography. Visitors to the Lemon Garden located at The Square participated in activities such as lemons juggling and 'Spin to Win' contest. Winners were rewarded with exclusive Tiger Radler premiums. On top of that, ticket holders to the shows at The Bee and Black Box were also given a special treat — a refreshing ice cold Tiger Radler. 

Andrew Netto, during one of LOL Fest comedy shows, the ‘Laugh-a-thon’ ^^
Kinjo, another member of the Yoshimoto Kogyo Group at the LOL Fest KL 2015
Masashi Kumada ‘Laugh-a-thon’, LOL Fest KL 2015
Tiger Radler presents to you LOL Fest 2015 & Tiger Radler photo booth ;)

The LOL Fest is presented by Tiger Radler and supported by an array of partners which include Comedy Central Asia, Enrich by Malaysia Airlines, and Uber. In case you've missed the show, swing by to Tiger beer MY  and LOL Events page by clicking on the link for more on ‘LOL Fest’ ;)

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