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——to see the world, to see behind walls; 
to draw closer, to share life——

Hey guys! This is Duncan and welcome to Jz.World~, a space powered by passion for good food, travel, party, photography & many other awesome things in life.

This is a place where 'people who love to eat, party, photography and travel' gather simply to share a taste of goodness & wonderful life experiences from around the world. 

It's not about mouthwatering food, raving or travelling around the world, the purpose of Jz.World~ is to inspire different ways of love & living a good life, so regardless of what kind of person you are, if you've lived your whole life seeing the world from your front door, I gotta tell you you're missing out big time! The good news is its never-too-late-to-start-venture! So break out from your comfort zone now and start living, there's a whole new horizons waiting to be discovered! A simple click of >LIKE@Jz.World Official FB page< would be a great move for starter ;) Once again welcome to Jz.World~, Its great to have you on board & I hope you'll have a great time here, cheers~ peace out! ;) 

Jz.World_A ★Lifestyle & ★Travel Blog. Living Life Like No Other~
A Heart made For Travel ~ ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ #cool #mustdo
Jz.World_A Heart made For Travel
——to see the world, to see behind walls; to draw closer, to share life——

Some eat to live. at Jz.World_ we live to eat b^^^d #verified #musteat 


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