Saturday, 30 March 2019


Somersby unveiled its latest product innovation, the Sparkling White cider, to complement its other elegant pink Sparkling Rosé! This golden hued semisweet cider is full of tingling live bubbles and exhibits a fruity white wine aroma. Malaysian cider lovers are the privileged ones to first savour this new sparkling cider in Asia, outside Europe.

Suitable for different occasions as an aperitif, Somersby’s Sparkling White offers the same flavours and structures of white wine and keeps the familiar refreshment you can expect from Somersby.


Wine and cider lovers can now enjoy Somersby Sparkling White, a bubbly cider that has a sophisticated personality which is less sweet, without a hint of acidity. Because it is easy on the palate, this bubbly aperitif is the perfect alternative to wine or champagne, and pairs well with seafood, white meat, ham and cheese.

Dressed in style, Managing Director Lars Lehmann said: “Somersby, the No.1 cider in Malaysia, is again leading the category with its latest innovation– Sparkling White to drive excitement and consumption. It is a refreshing semi-sweet cider full of tingling live bubbles with a fruity white wine aroma. This product innovation has the best of both worlds – the refreshment of a cider combined with the taste of white wine”.  

FIRST in Asia——SOMERSBY SPARKLING WHITE CIDER launch at The Majapahit @ Marc Residence, KLCC ^^^

To introduce its latest innovation, Somersby ‘wined’ and dined guests to a night of gold and glitter blush at The Majapahit @ Marc Residence, KLCC. Ambiance decorated in glittery gold and LED lights created a stunning effect of elegance to capture the perfect mood.

Guests were served chilled Somersby Sparkling White in an elegant stemmed glass throughout the night paired with a smorgasbord of delicacies made up of oyster, shrimp, cold cuts, cheese and a selection of crusty bread. And for that right mood, guests were entertained to a variety of jazz numbers by a classy jazz band.

media and trade guests witnessed the unveiling of Somersby’s latest product innovation, Sparkling White at The Majapahit @ Marc Residence KLCC ^^^

chilled Somersby Sparkling White, best paired with smorgasbord of delicacies ^^^

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For this crisp and refreshing bubbly now joins Somersby’s other variants like Apple, Blackberry, Elderflower Lime and Sparkling Rosé, expanding Malaysia’s No.1 cider variety.

The Somersby Sparkling White is available in single bottle or 4-bottle pack in major supermarkets, hypermarkets and selected pubs, bars and restaurants. Somersby Sparkling White retails at a similar price point to other Somersby variants. It is best consumed chilled in a bucket and savoured in a wine glass for that elegant experience.

#somersbymy 🥂#sparklewithsomersby #somersbysparklingwhite #Itsawayoflife #CarlsbergMalaysia #JZWorld

Learn more about the newest member of the Somersby family on or ^^^

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Friday, 18 January 2019

Tiger Beer CNY Campaign Launch 2019——Uncage New Beginnings

Grand launch event by Tiger Beer Opens New Doors for Consumers to Grab Festive Giveaways This CNY 2019! ^^^
Chinese New Year is the time of year when we usher in new beginnings with our family and friends. A new chapter of life is unveiled as we step into the new year with a renewed outlook on what is to come with the promise of good health, prosperity, and joy. Tiger Beer, Malaysia’s No. 1 Beer, welcomed the Year of the Pig with a grand launch attended by HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad’s management team, trade partners and members of the media ;)
Tiger Beer CNY Campaign 2019——Uncage New Beginnings ^^^

Uncage New Beginnings b^^^d

the Yee Sang ritual and tossing ;)

The venue was of utmost decadence adorned with lanterns and motifs reminiscent of old Shanghai with a modern twist in spirit of ushering the new. Upon arrival, guests got to ‘pluck’ angpows containing a lucky draw ticket from the gilded Tree of Wealth before opening the doors to new beginnings. The event began with a stunning lion dance performance, led by Zhu Bajie (a popular character inspired by Chinese novel Journey to the West), to invite luck - with each of the five lions in the colours representing the brands of the HEINEKEN Malaysia portfolio – Tiger, Heineken®, Guinness, Anchor and Apple Fox.

Tiger Beer CNY Campaign 2019——Uncage New Beginnings 
the Copper Mansion, PJ ^^^

With the festive mood at an all-time high, HEINEKEN Malaysia Managing Director, Roland Bala, commenced the event with his speech and awakened the dragon for a mesmerizing dragon dance performance. Guests had the opportunity to participate in the Yee Sang tossing ceremony to usher in new beginnings with their wishes for a bountiful year ahead followed by a dinner with unique dishes specially for the festive season. 
guest receiving her gifts during the Tiger CNY launch dinner at the Copper Mansion, PJ ;)

try your luck~ Spin the Wheel~ ;) 

Tiger Beer CNY Campaign Launch 2019 b^^^d

Consumers can usher in the new beginnings and be rewarded this festive season with Tiger Beer – all they have to do is enjoy their favorite brews from HEINEKEN Malaysia’s portfolio. Until mid-February, consumers who purchase any big bottle of Tiger Beer, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout or Heineken® at participating coffee shops, food courts and Chinese restaurants can check underneath their bottle caps for three different characters - “” (Fu), “” (Xi) and “” (Zhu) - representing the different prizes to be won. One bottle cap marked “” (Fu) allows consumers to redeem an angpow worth RM88,888, one cap marked “” (Xi) can be exchanged to redeem an exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong set, and collecting 15 caps marked “” (Zhu) will allow consumers to redeem the exclusive Prosperity Bowl set – be sure to keep a look out to start your collection today! ^^^

exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong sets for CNY 2019 ;)

goodies awaits this CNY 2019 ;)

The exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong sets are also available to be purchased at participating supermarkets during the month of January.  With the purchase of three cartons of HEINEKEN Malaysia products - inclusive of one carton of Apple Fox - consumers can own the Tiger Beer Mahjong set for only RM99 while stocks last.
For more information on this campaign and its promotions, visit
*These promotions are only open to non-Muslims who are 21 years old and above. 

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Saturday, 29 December 2018

大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen @ IOI Mall Puchong

作为雪隆区的老字号中餐厅主打四川及上海家常小菜的大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen一直以来都以温馨的家常小菜为中马地区的朋友们所熟知,创立于1974年的老字号除了吉隆坡金三角地区的创始店如今也拥有数十家分店在雪隆区各大商场都可见其踪迹,家常小菜的细腻以及健康为本的心思让温暖的滋味一直与餐厅并存。

在临近2018尾声之际承载了雪隆街坊味觉数十载的大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen本次为大家精心设计了2019春节菜单向大家拜个早年来啦~ 话说虽然圣诞节才刚过但是对于春节好意头的庆贺个人的态度是任何时候都是好时候啦 ;)

大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen 2019 春节菜单向大家拜个早年来啦~

本次选择的是到全新装潢的Esquire Kitchen @ IOI Mall Puchong大人餐廳试菜,话说原本以为只有商场里的大人餐廳重新装潢没想到原来几乎整间商场都换了新装啊Puchong人们新年又多了一个新商场可以逛啦,全新的IOI Mall Puchong感觉宽敞明亮了不少哦 ;)

大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen @ IOI Mall Puchong

重新装潢过的IOI Mall Puchong很不一样啊,新的大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen就在底楼G-Floor宝光珠宝旁


大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen2019春节菜单维持了餐厅一贯的风格主打以改良版的上海家常小菜以及四川料理为食客们输送暖暖的温馨家常味,除了个人最爱分量十足使用特调酱料秘制的‘鸿运当头’东坡肉之外当然也少不了年菜必备的鱼虾与鸡咯 ^^

春节聚餐捞生拼盘当然必不可少咯 ;)

先捞先赢啦2019大发啊~ #这是一种抢头香的概念啦  :P

用料扎实的'鸿运当头'东坡肉 Red Braised Pork Belly in Prosperous Sauce完整诠释了春节里的大鱼大肉 ^^^

'金沙笑哈哈' Golden Oats Prawns
先走油再炸的大虾肉质扎实却不会太老搭上香喷喷的脆口麦片咔滋咔滋的这个我可以连壳吃啊 :P

'金玉满堂' Golden Sesame Chicken in Lemongrass Sauce

原本以为是偏宫保的芝麻炸鸡'金玉满堂'却送出了小惊喜,除了芝麻香与嚼劲恰到好处的炸鸡以外微呛微辣的些许酱汁虽不显眼但却很有余韵啊 ^^^

'年年有余' Ong Lai Lai Fish

大鱼大肉之余再点缀于时蔬,健康为本的年菜是妈妈与家的味道 :)

‘财源广进’ Fortune Vegetables with Vege Abalone

‘阖家幸福’ Happy Beancurd & Mushroom with Cauliflower 

大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen 2019 春节菜单

大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen 2019 春节菜单共分4-5人份(RM 238 nett)以及6-8人份(RM 338 nett)两种选项,将在包括IOI Mall Puchong、Leisure Mall Cheras、Subang Parade Subang Jaya、The Mines Seri Kembangan、1U Bandar Utama、Sunway Pyramid、Sunway Velocity Mall等指定分店提供详情请戳大人餐廳脸书官网查看啦,温馨提醒若是除夕聚餐餐厅只接受预定哦 ;)

大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen @ IOI Mall Puchong
Lot G00a7, G00a8 & G08, Ground Floor, IOI Mall,
Jln Puchong, Bdr Puchong Jaya, 47100 Selangor.
Tel: 03 5882 3018
FB page:

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

大马最新流动通讯品牌Yoodo一岁啦! Yoodo 1st Community Meet-Up Day 2018

大马电讯市场继Maxis、Digi、Celcom、UMobile等老字号之外想必在年轻一代的telco名单里肯定对大马当下最新流动通讯品牌Yoodo也不陌生吧,毕竟这可是大马唯一可以以手机App随心所欲创建个人流动通讯服务配套的品牌啊 ;) 与其在各家电讯商预设高中低价位的配套里凑合着选择倒不如完全随着个人需求为自己量身订造一个专属于自己的流动通讯配套吧,适合自己的才是最好的是吧 ^^^

话说刚满一周岁的Yoodo凭着You Do It Better的用户体验导向在过去一年里茁壮成长目前网络社区用户已经超过200,000大关,而近期还举办了第一届的Yoodo Community Meet-Up Day哦 ;)

Yoodo 1st Community Meet-Up Day 2018 @ MBO The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown

现场除了还有各个小游戏让Yoodo community会员们赢取各种小礼物 :)

Yoodo客制化配套手机网络流量、通话时间、手机短讯等都可以通过Yoodo App轻松搞定

拥有各种搭配可能的Yoodo客制化配套手机网络流量、通话时间、手机短讯等都可以通过Yoodo App(可由谷歌Google Play/苹果iOS平台下载)轻松搞定,App也可设定手动充值或自动续期从此预付后付配套什么的都成了过眼云烟啦,Yoodo App还在不断升级功能近期年末就能实现的新功能包括Roam-Like-Home-Plus国际漫游国内价位收费,Online Banking网络转账以及2019 coming soon的Data SharingFlexi Booster,各种方便各种优惠敬请期待啦 ;)  

作为Celcom Axiata Berhad旗下独立运营的Yoodo在过去一年里茁壮成长目前网络社区用户已经超过200,000大关,各种为用户提供的优惠好康也陆续有来 ^^

Yoodo 1st Community Meet-Up Day 2018

Yoodo Community Meet-Up Day @ MBO The Starling Mall, Yoodo娃娃限时出没孩子们表示喜欢 ^^^ 
#Yoodo #YouDoItBetter #YoodoCommunityDay

可爱的吉祥物大人小孩都喜欢啦 :)

除了客制化的流动通讯服务配套Yoodo也无任何合约约束和隐藏收费,用户也可以随时透过App查看即时数据流量方便又贴心 :)

基本就是Yoodo App在手功能全都有 ;)

除了小游戏,hang-out以及幸运抽奖,在MBO The Starling戏院举行的Yoodo 1st Community Day 当然也少不了movie session啦~ 恭喜贺喜抱走大奖华为P20的幸运儿啊 ;)

full house @ Yoodo 1st Community Day ;)

媒体时间了解更多关于大马最新的流动通讯品牌 ^^

觉得随心所欲搭配网络流量、通话时间、手机短讯等为自己打造专属的流动通讯服务配套很便捷很酷?欢迎点Yoodo官方网站链接 @ 加入大马最新流动通讯品牌Yoodo community吧,2018十二月31日前加入获取第一张Yoodo Sim卡的同时还可享有新人大礼包FREE RM 20 credit/20GB 流量booster哦 ;)

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