Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sumptuous Dinner Buffet @ CONTANGO, The Majestic Hotel KL

Occupies a strategic location along the historical mile of capital city right opposite the startlingly beautiful moorish style Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur has been well known for being an iconic and legendary hotel since its construction in 1930s.

Lobby The Majestic Hotel KL, contemporary and classic fusion at its best ^^

Being the only hotel in Kuala Lumpur to be included in the Leading Hotels of the World luxury hotel collection, this is indeed a place which showcases the perfect fusion of heritage and contemporary trends. Thanks to CarlsbergMY & Kronenbourg 1664 I was able to enjoy a luscious dinner at Contango, a luxuriously designed contemporary restaurant featured at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. ^^   

the chandelier is simply magnificent isn't it ;)

Located at the newly built Tower Wing of Majestic KL, Contango is a cosy yet elegant restaurant featuring an open kitchen interactive dining concept with spacious seating capacity, serving delightful buffet of variety cuisines ranging from Western to Chinese, Japanese, Malay and Thai. A place of great dinning atmosphere, lovely services & sumptuous cuisines. b^^d

dinning setting @Contango

Salad bar of colourful good-for-you ingredients, building your own appetiser can be a great way to kick start your buffet spree when the ingredients looks fresh & presentable ;) 

Salad bar 

Besides those appealing & surprisingly delicious ready made dishes, chefs are available at the open kitchen ready to serves some of the nicest freshly prepared to order dishes, from local delights to grills, pasta etc

cold cuts, love the layout :P

don't fool by the common platting, the hot items here taste equally nice so do give'em a bite :P 
randomly picked hot items, the mini-burger taste average however the rest were surprisingly good b^^d 

Wonderful open kitchen interactive dining concept, simply ask for Chef's recommendation if you really not sure where to starts or what to eat. ^^

open kitchen surrounded by foodsSs~ *happily drooling XD*

Among the selections, Japanese cuisine is still my top preference, those thick slices of sashimi on ice were simply irresistible, not to mentioned those Japanese baby octopus which I was tempted so totally that I completely forgot to snap a pic of it before I eat. :P   

sashimi chilling on ice :P
Assorted Sushi
Asian cuisine & a handful of different types of loaves, which you can have it separately or come up with your own fusion dish. *hint: ever tried bread with curry? :)    

Asian cuisine

Lastly, here's a perfect ending for almost all types of meals>> Desserts~ ;) Here at Contango extra space from your tummy is needed as they serves great assortment of cakes and pastries, ice cream, cotton candy, french crepes and even macaroons (too bad the tasty looking macaroons went out of stock rather fast..)

made in-house ice cream of different flavours ranging from the common chocolate to unique jack fruit flavour. 
cakes and pastries, the cheese cake was great :)
marshmallows & cakes, some said its a taste of happiness & I agree ^^

Eye Appealing Desserts :)

Hazelnut (top) & coffee ice cream. I love black sesame flavour more though :P

Contango @The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur 
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 
50000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603 2785 8000
price: RM 98+/pax

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2014 l 亚洲50最佳餐厅2014放榜啦~

Hey there foodies, in case you haven’t notice the William Reed Business Media Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014 sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna was revealed just this past Monday on a ceremony held at the Capella hotel, Singapore. So if you're wondering which are among the top class restaurants around Asia, here's a list of restaurants to your answer :) Taking the crown this year is nobody but the Australia chef & founder of Nahm restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand, Chef David Thompson. Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, the owner of currently Japan best restaurant Les Créations de Narisawa was awarded first runner-up & Chef Gaggan Anand from Gaggan restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand took the third place.
 Nahm Restaurant @ The Metropolitan, Bangkok, Thailand. [No. 1. S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Thailand]
Although Thailand dominated the top 3 position of the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2014 awards, China hails its glory by having 16 of its restaurants listed on the 2014 list, follow by Japan (10 restaurants) & Singapore (8 restaurants). Also Fook Lam Moon and Tenku Ryugin from Hong Kong, China was awarded the ‘Zacapa Run Highest Climber’ Award & 'Peroni Nastro Azzurro ONE TO WATCH' award respectively whereas Restaurant Andre from Singapore secured its title as the winner of 'The S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Singapore' & 'Chefs' Choice Award'.  

Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, China. [No. 4S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in China]
Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Shanghai, China. [No. 8]

* Scroll down for the full list of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2014 :)

吃货们注意啦,由威廉·瑞德商业媒体William Reed Business Media)举办,圣培露S.Pellegrino)及普娜Acqua Panna赞助的亚洲50最佳餐厅2014于星期一放榜啦,而今年摘得桂冠的正是澳洲籍名厨汤普森与其位于泰国曼谷的传统泰式私房菜餐厅Nahm。紧随其后的是日本东京餐厅Narisawa,而同样位于曼谷的餐厅Gaggan排行第3

中国凭着傲人的16间餐厅入围亚洲50最佳餐厅2014笑傲诸国,尾随其后的分别是日本(十席)及新加坡(8席)。值得一提的是来至香港的家族营运餐厅福临门及天空龙吟分别获得‘Zacapa Rum最佳进步奖’及‘Peroni Nastro Azzurro最值得关注餐厅奖’,而来至新加坡的Restaurant André连续第二年获选为‘S.Pellegrino新加坡最佳餐厅’及‘主厨之选’大奖。

*往下滚动滑鼠获取亚洲50最佳餐厅2014完整名单 :)

Jung Sik Dang, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. [No. 20. Best Restaurant in Korea and Highest New Entry]
Le Moût Restaurant, Taichung, Taiwan. [No. 24.
S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Taiwan]

Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2014:

1. Nahm, Bangkok, S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Thailand
2. Narisawa, Tokyo, S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Japan
3. Gaggan, Bangkok, Thailand
4. Amber, Hong Kong, S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in China
5. Nihonryori Ryugin, Tokyo, Japan
6. Restaurant Andre, S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Singapore and Chefs' Choice Award
7. Waku Ghin, Singapore
8. Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China
9. Lung King Heen, Hong Kong, China
10. 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana, Hong Kong, China
11. Mr And Mrs Bund, Shanghai, China
12. Iggy's, Singapore
13. Caprice, Hong Kong, China
14. Les Amis, Singapore
15. Bo Innovation, Hong Kong, China
16. Ishikawa, Tokyo, Japan
17. Jaan, Singapore
18. L'atelier De Joel Robuchon Hong Kong, China
19. Fook Lam Moon, Hong Kong, China, Highest Climber up 29 places
20. Jungsik, Seoul, S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Korea and Highest New Entry
21. Sra Bua By Kiin Kiin, Bangkok, Thailand
22. Quintessence, Tokyo, Japan
23. Tippling Club, Singapore (NEW ENTRY)
24. Le Moût Restaurant, Taichung, S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Taiwan
25. L'effervescence, Tokyo, Japan (NEW ENTRY)
26. Fu1015, Shanghai, China
27. Bukhara, New Delhi, S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in India
28. Bo.Lan, Bangkok, Thailand
29. Indian Accent, New Delhi, India
30. Dum Pukht, New Delhi, India
31. Issaya Siamese Club, Bangkok, Thailand (NEW ENTRY)
32. Varq, New Delhi, India
33. Hubin Road, Hangzhou, China
34. Takazawa, Tokyo, Japan
35. Shinji By Kanesaka, Singapore
36. Wasabi, Mumbai, India
37. Eat Me, Bangkok, Thailand
38. Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo, Japan (NEW ENTRY)
39. Robuchon Au Dome, Macau
40. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, Singapore
41. Sawada, Tokyo, Japan (NEW ENTRY)
42. Hajime Restaurant, Osaka, Japan
43. Sushi Saito, Tokyo, Japan
44. Nihonbashi, Colombo, S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Sri Lanka
45. Yardbird, Hong Kong, China (up 1 place)
46. Family Li Imperial Cuisine, Shanghai, China (NEW ENTRY)
47. Sarong, Bali, S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Indonesia
48. Franck Bistro, Shanghai, China
49. Karavalli, Bangalore, India
50. Tenku Ryugin, Hong Kong, China (NEW ENTRY and 'ONE TO WATCH')

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Shōchū (焼酎): Great Spirits from The Land of The Rising Sun

A great varieties of distilled spirits can be found around the globe nowadays as the interest in regional specialities (food, culture etc.) continues to grow, to name a few we have whisky, brandy, gin, vodka & of course our focus today --- the traditional spirits form Japan>> Shōchū (焼酎). 
The traditional distilled spirits made from different ingredients such as rice, barley, buckwheat & sweet potato has been produced for almost 500 years. With the utilization of koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) and different ingredients which reflects greatly on the out coming flavours, these unique Shōchū (焼酎) made can be enjoy in many ways. Thanks to Japan Sake And Shochu Makers Association some of the media friends were invited to experience the proud profile of Shōchū at the ShoChu Seminar & Tasting event together with 11 Japanese Shōchū producers, a truly enjoyable night with wonderful spirits & food pairing. ^^    

ShoChu Seminar & Tasting @ Renaissance Hotel KL
Drenched into the world of Shōchū with speakers from Japan ^^

Great variety of Shōchū from Japan, & of course we wouldn't miss out the chance to have a sip of it :P

Himezumi & Co., Ltd. fine brewed.
Yamamoto Shuzo Co., Ltd. fine brewed. 
Komasa Jyozo Co., Ltd. fine brewed.
Yachiyoden Shuzou Co., Ltd. production.
Taru Sengetsu (rice Shōchū) from Sengetsu Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Ikinokura Distillery Co., Ltd. production.
Among all the unique characteristics of Shōchū, here’s one I love the most: Shōchū goes perfectly with not only Japanese but any other cuisine. Lets verify it shall we, itadakimasu ;)

Beef Fillet in Brioche with Cream Spinach
Goat cheese

Our blogger friend Lwin trying out the Barley distilled spirits :)

having a sip of Nadeshiko (barley Shōchū) ^^
unique Red Pepilla with a taste of love from Japanese red basil ;
my personal favourite: Shōchū with a blend of plum b^^d

So if you happen to be in Japan, don't miss out the chance to have a taste of this national alcoholic spirit from the land of the rising sun which is equally good to be take home as an omiyage ;)

Japan Sake And Shochu Makers Association
Address: 1-1-21 Nishishinbasi, Minatoku,
Tokyo 105-0003 Japan

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Monday, 17 February 2014

聚一堂香港*点心火锅l G-Yitang Hong Kong Dim Sum & Steamboat @ Taipan USJ

记忆力好的吃货或许会发现,这一篇po文的题目似曾相识,没错聚一堂香港点心火锅的确在不久前出现过,不过当时介绍的是新推出的火锅系列,而此次则有幸获得FoodDirector的邀请再次到该店介绍其招牌〉〉*点心*是也 ^^

年余前由点心起家的聚一堂以现代化港式点心茶楼模式经营,聘用拥有二十余年经验老道的港式点心师傅掌舵,六十余种全手工制作的港式点心全天候供应,是喜好一盅两件吃货的好去处 :)

诱人的多元点心选项 :)
感谢老板热情大器的提供了许多店内的招牌点心,以下只是当天品尝的其中一部分哦,欲见更多点心请往下滚动滑鼠  :P

聚一堂香港点心火锅l G-Yitang Hong Kong Dim Sum & Steamboat @ Taipan USJ 10 b^^d

当归鲜虾汤饺 l Shrimp Dumplings with Angelica Soup
虾子饱满清脆,当归汤中药味醇厚,滋补养生啊 :) (RM 6.00)
鲜虾带子饺  l Shrimp Dumplings with Scallop (RM 4.80)
肥大饱满的虾饺 l Shrimp Dumplings (RM 4.80)
上海小笼包 l Shang Hai Juicy Dumplings 用料实在,个头超大的说 ^^ (RM 6.00)
芋头蒸排骨 l Steamed Spareribs with Yam(RM 4.50)

流沙包 l Creamy Custard Bun (RM 4.00)
虽然内陷看似较一般的流沙包来得水状,但味道却丝毫没有流失,老板表示特意把内陷如此处理是为了方便顾客可用包点沾着吃啦 b^^d
除了蒸笼式点心之外,爱吃烘点的吃货也可以尝尝以下的点心哦 ^^

叉烧酥 l BBQ Pork Pastry (RM 4.80)
奶皇菠萝包 l Baked Pineapple Buns (RM 4.80)
餐包 l Baked BBQ Pork Buns (RM 4.80)
芝麻枣 l Deep Fried Sesame Balls,绵密又脆中带Q,口感非常好 ^^ (RM 4.50)

重点推介个人的最爱 >> 蜂窝炸芋角~ 无论是普通版或升级版的鲜虾蜂窝炸芋角皆有着漂亮的蜂窝状外表,上色刚好的外皮美观酥脆且内馅绵密,得分! :P

蜂窝炸芋角 l Fried Yam Pastry (RM 5.00)
即将推出的升级版鲜虾蜂窝炸芋角,想吃的就向老板询问吧 b^^d
鲜虾肠粉 l Shrimps Rice Rolls,鼓起部分里头可是虾子哦 :) (RM 4.80)
风抓 l Chicken feet (RM 4.50)
韭菜饺 l Chives Dumplings with X.O. Sauce (RM 6.00) 

聚一堂香港点心火锅 l G-Yitang Hong Kong Dim Sum & Steamboat
N0 48, JLN USJ 10/1B, USJ 10, SUBANG JAYA 47610, SELANGOR.