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KyoChon 1991 Malaysia @One Utama l No.1 Korea Fried Chicken

If kentucky fried chicken is still the 1st thing that pop up in your mind when ppl mention the word KFC, perhaps it’s time for an update on your food dictionary. Now repeat after me>> K.F.C. = KyoChon Fried Chicken (a.k.a. Korean fried chicken), jot this down now as that’s what KFC stand for nowadays. XD

Founded via Kwon Won Kang with back in 1991, Kyochon F&B Co. Ltd. (HQ @Osan, South Korea) is the largest South Korean fried chicken restaurant with more than 1000 franchises spread across the globe. After its venture into Thailand, Philippine and Indonesia, the Korean Fried Chicken specialist has finally opens its doors to Malaysian with its 1st master franchise establish @ 1 Utama, the largest shopping mall in Malaysia. ^^      

KyoChon 1991 @One Utama (new wing, near Cold Storage).

warm & nice interior.
The wall of history, KyoChon's own version of fb timeline. XD   
Thanks to NuffnangMY few of us from Tastebuddies@Nuffnang were invited to try out this Korea's No. 1 fried chicken brand couple of weeks ago. Check out the review below :)

Before we start, let’s give a big hand to ambassador of KyoChon Fried Chicken Restaurant, Super Junior! *clapclap* 

K-pop & SJ fans, you might wanna look for a dinning table cover with glass, pic below shall illustrate what I mean :P

a glance at the menu.
 Kyochon Signature Fried Chicken comes in 3 unique flavours, each has its own unique appeal & cooking method. According to Managing Director Terry their chicken actually delivered fresh on a daily basis (except Sunday) just to ensure the quality & texture of the Signature Fried Chicken. b^^d

The promises made by heart. ^^
Kyochon Signature Fried Chicken: Original Soy Series (Left), Honey Series (Top)
& Red Series. 
Personally I love the Honey series which marinated with KyoChon’s special seasoning up to 24 hours before fried to perfection with natural honey sauce, simply finger lickin’ good~ b^^d For those heavy taster, the Red series made from Korea’s HOTtest red chili peppers will not disappoint you.

Kyochon Signature Fried Chicken: Original Soy Series (RM 9.90)
Kyochon Signature Fried Chicken: Honey Series (RM 10.90)
Kyochon Signature Fried Chicken: Red Series (RM 9.90)
Doesn't fancy for wings & drummettes? No worries, there are lots of varieties awaiting :)

Sal Sal Strips, boneless chicken breast strips coated with special rice butter. (RM 10.90/5pcs; RM 21.80/10pcs; RM43.50/20pcs)

Sal Sal Strips, nice on its own or with dipping sauce.
Jimdak Steamed Chicken  (RM 21.90)

Jimdak Steamed Chicken
Dakgalbi Grilled Chicken with rice (RM 23.90)

Dakgalbi Grilled Chicken 
Korean Butter Rice (bottom) & red hot Kimchi Rice (top)

Another thing I like about KyoChon is their perfectionism in serving only the best to their customers. Utilizing the freshest ingredients, healthiest chickens, canola oil & MSG free, a delightful & healthy meal is what to be expect here at KyoChon, from salad to beverages. ^^

Natural Sparkling Plum Fruit Tea & Yuza Fruit Tea (RM 5.90/glass). We tried both & came to a conclusion that guys would most likely go for Yuza & girls prefer otherwise, whats your say? :P  

Natural Sparkling Plum Fruit Tea & Yuza Fruit Tea (front)
 Blueberry/Mandarin Salad (RM 15.90/ serving)

Salad with Mandarin/Blueberry sauce 
Crispy double fry Seasoned Wedges (RM 5.90)

Seasoned Wedges 
Had enough of the ordinary fried chicken, why not try out this No.1 fried chicken from Korea which now available @ 1 Utama , taste chicken like you've never had before~ ;)

KyoChon 1991 ~chicken that you've never had before~ crispy & delicious. b^^d 
Finally one for SJ fans ^^

KyoChon 1991 Malaysia
Lot 311, Lower Ground, 1 Utama,
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. (new wing, near Cold Storage)

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