Tuesday, 11 February 2014

CNY ChurpOut 2014 with Tiger Radler @The Tavern, GAB

Though most of us have been returning to work since last week however CNY ain’t gonna end until ‘Chap Goh Mei’, so technically we have all the legit reasons to carry on the spirit of festivity.. XD With that in mind here's something you should & must do during CNY celebration>>to CELEBRATE! And that's exactly what we did back at the #CNYChurpOut 2014 with Tiger Radler just last weekend! A double refreshment experience to tune up the 'gong xi fa cai' mood! ^^

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The Tavern- a Guinness Anchor Berhad in-house pub which isn’t commonly open to public. Glad that I get to be here again after 2 long years b^^d
 Chinese New Year ChurpOut 2014 ^^
Bar @ The Tavern, GAB 
 #CNYChurpOut 2014 #MyTigerRadler 

FoodsSs & Radler~ b^^d

Icy cold Tiger Radler with double refreshment experience, just about time to cool down the displeasingly hot summer like weather b^^d

Churpies all over the place, cuteness Overload~ ;)

Exclusive CNYChurpOut & reunion dinner at The Tavern, Guinness Anchor Berhad, kicking starts the night is the long table 'Lou Shang' b^^d

grab your chopsticks & get ready!
& Go~~lou ah Huat ah~~ :P
Lion dance to usher in The Year of Horse :)

good luck mandarin orange from the lion v^^V
stand-up comedy performance via multi-talented comedian Phoon Chi Ho, love his MU joke XD

yam seng time bro, don't look at the camera XD

And lots of exciting games throughout the night, winners get to walk away with Churpie & Tiger Radler, how nice~ ;)

Tiger Twist dance contest, looks like we have a winner~ :P  
A night of wonderful CNY atmosphere, filling dinner & joyful games with exciting prizes all thanks to ChurpChurp & Tiger *clapclap*

#CNYChurpOut 2014 #MyTigerRadler #Random #Photog

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