Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hotlink Da Mouth & DJ Tenashar Live 2014 @ Sunway Surf Beach

“between the words success & failure, the later would be more relevant to Hotlink Da Mouth & DJ Tenashar Live Concert.. Though d pics that I'm gonna post afterwrd might look awesome but tht doesn't suggest otherwise, it simply shows tht I tk good picture regardless of the quality of event, that's all”--- That’s what I wrote on facebook right after I return from the Hotlink Da Mouth & DJ Tenashar Live Concert, yes it certainly wasn’t the kinda party I love to be in. Though I wasn't expect it to be a mind blowing one but being a telco exclusive concert party ever held by one of the leading brand in the market this is just way too disappointing to put up an event which does not even qualify to fit under the average category.. O.o Not trying to pin anything on anyone though as we all know that it takes great team effort to throw a successful party, succeed & all shall enjoy the glory, if it fails simply reexamine and give in more in the future.

Sounds too depressing for a concert party post, well the good news is I still have some relatively nice pics to share with you guys, but like I said, this simply shows that I take good picture regardless of the quality of event, that's all *aishe~ macam yes >.<*

So there you go, one Hotlink Da Mouth & DJ Tenashar Live Concert photolog coming right up ^^

Hotlink Da Mouth & DJ Tenashar Live Concert @ Sunway Surf Beach, party under the stunning Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa ;)
FOH, Live sound mixing in water :P
Hotlink balloons all over the place ^^

Taiwanese hip hop band Da Mouth (大嘴巴)in the house :)
Da Mouth (大嘴巴): L to R Aisha 愛紗, DJ Chung Hua, MC40 & Harry 懷秋 

if you were there, click to enlarge & see if you could spot yourself XD
cute Da Mouth (大嘴巴)  female lead vocalist Aisha (千田愛紗)

Hands up move, the difference between between great & ‘not so great’ party is that these moves are way too common & easy to snap at great party, as for the later circumstances, stay sharp & get your eyes open are the tricks to capture it >.< 

D     J             T        e        n        a        s        h       a        r         ;)

happy to hear one of my favourite mix City of Dreams live, nice choice of track b^^d

Being one of the few female DJs listed on DJ Mag Top 100 DJs chart I do expect more from Tenashar’s set.. Yes the effort was there but there were just too many flaws to wreck down the overall party experience.. The technical error is a harsh bummer, good effort though.. perhaps grooving in sync with the rhythms would make an even better performance -__-  

let its snow :P

When it comes to EDM & party, beverages companies seems to always have the upper hand on telco.. which is quite understandable as sensation & pleasure is after all their core branding elements right? :P 

Anyway, though the concert party seems a bit dull but hey it wasn’t all bad, there are pleasing moments which we all enjoyed it.. oh & I love the staging at Sunway surf beach, one the best KL beach party spot.. with some efforts and fine tuning here & there, a bounce back is what I'm looking forward to..  -_____-  

still some fun here & there
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