Monday, 22 February 2016

Chang Beer New Green Bottle, Smooth, Elegant, Now in Malaysia

From classic amber to vibrant green, Chang Beer-the immensely popular beer in Thailand by the country’s biggest brewer, Thai Beverage (ThaiBev) has recently been unveiled with a contemporary new identity and packaging.

Chang Beer, one of the most popular brew of all time especially among Thailand’s beer connoisseurs now comes with not only a brand new elegant look, but also a fine tune in its flavour :)

#Changbeer New Green Bottle ~ ;)

First to notice having the new Chang Beer in hand is the very nice contour and good hand-feel of the ergonomic hand grip design, alongside with the bottle's colour which has been changed from classic amber to a more elegant, younger, vibrant green. For those who familiar with the old Chang Classic, another noticeable change would be the fresh and smooth flavour, a touch making it a perfect beer for bonding, anytime, anywhere~ :)

#Changbeer New Green Bottle ~ ;)

AND now comes the best part.. The new Chang Beer is NOW available in Malaysia! Among the places where you could get a taste of this ThaiBev’s favourite brew you ask? Well the golden triangle of KL & Changkat Bukit Bintang would be places to seek :)

Chang Beer new bottle is accessing the market via a "Refreshingly Different" in 90 degree perspective, fans of Chang let’s post for the favourite Thai brew of all time ;) 

#Changbeer New Green Bottle ~Refreshingly Different~ ;)
#Changbeer New Green Bottle ~Refreshingly Different~ Showcase your creative 90° post today ;)

I now challenge you to join the Chang Beer SNAP & SHARE challenge! SNAP your 90° perspectives photos, and then SHARE them on your Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #changbeer!

join the SNAP & SHARE challenge! SNAP your 90° perspectives photos, 
and then SHARE them on your Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #changbeer :)

For more information on Chang Beer log-on to Chang Beer official website @ or FB page @

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

White Horse Tavern Bar & Restaurant @ AmpWalk Mall, Jln Ampang, KL

Another new spot for great food and live music is in town! Located at AmpWalk Mall, a neighborhood shopping center along Jalan Ampang, the White Horse Tavern Bar & Restaurant is not your average bar and restaurant serving only booze and mediocre food..

Live band, chilled booze and relaxing vibe, those are simply the basic elements to be expected. Here at the White Horse Tavern Ampang be prepared to explore more on a tantalizing journey for your taste buds as Chef Yogi, the mastermind behind White Horse Tavern's kitchen roll out his passionately-crafted menu ;)

White Horse Tavern Bar & Restaurant @ Lot G08B, Grd Flr, The AmpWalk Mall, KL
White Horse Tavern @ AmpWalk Mall, KL
the bar at White Horse Tavern Ampang
pick your spot, pints of beers and food will be served to you at the right temperature shortly ;)
White Horse Tavern Bar & Restaurant #‎whtavernmy‬
house wine or cider? which would it be ;)
‪#‎whtavernmy‬ ‪#‎Strongbow‬ ‪#‎apple‬ ‪#‎cider‬
spacious and cosy dining area :)
setting ‪#‎whtavernmy‬ ‪
menu at a glance

Serving an array of Western delights ranging from tidbits and salad to mouthwatering main courses with signature dishes such as the Honey Comb Baby Pork RibsCrispy Roasted Pork Knuckle, tasty Pork Burger and unique pizza, this is definitely a new place in town I'll be happy to dine in when craving for some hearty delights or simply to chill out with a pint or two ^^

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms ^^
BBQ Chicken Wings (RM 32) 

From brunch to dinner the creative menu of the White Horse Tavern is never short on options. Topped with generous portion of poached eggs, Dad's Breakfast Pizza with warm yolk flows over the cheesy bacon would make a comforting breakfast any day of the week for those who seek for a morning boost. If you're up for some lavish dinner, the signature grilled and baked to perfection Honey Comb Glazed Pork Ribs topped with fresh natural honey comb collected personally by the chef from Cameron Highlands is one lovely dish you'd like to have it on your table ;)

Dad's Breakfast Pizza, eggs, sausages, bacon, mushroom and hash browns with Cheddar Cheese (RM 28)
Deep Dish Alfredo Pizza, Gouda Cheese, cream and grilled fin fish (RM 32) b^^d
Honey Comb Glazed Pork Ribs served with grilled corn on the cob & jacket potato  
b^^d (RM 129)
Fish Gratin served with creamy mashed potatoes, leeks, carrots and zucchini (RM 35) b^^d

The Crispy Roasted Pork Knuckle is my personal favourite here at the White Horse Tavern, steamed and roasted to perfection the crackling pork skin covering the tender tasty meat is simply irresistible, flavorful on its own and even better with a touch of apple compote b^^d 

Crispy Roasted Pork Knuckle served with creamy spicy mustard, prune and apple compote, streaky bacon and jacket potatoes (RM 90) b^^d 
perfect separation~ b^^d
Chef Yogi, the mastermind behind White Horse Tavern's kitchen ;)
a perfect separation of bones and meat b^^d

Feel like having something which is good for one? My recommendation would be the Pork Burger. A 180 g nicely fried succulent pork meat patty with caramelised onion, coleslaw & gherkins sandwich between two squishy soft burger buns, served with chips, salad and homemade WHT Hellfire Sauce, trust me it does taste as good as it sounds b^^d

Pork Burger (180 g, RM 28) b^^d
Minced Beef Pie served with jacket potato, green salad and sauteed vegetables (RM 38) ^^
Chicken Mushroom Pie served with creamy mashed potatoand sauteed vegetables (RM 38) ^^
check out the abundance beef filling ;)
Bread and Butter Pudding

Other than the mouthwatering menu, the fresh food display fridge, a pretty eye-catching curved glass door chiller placed right beside the bar is something not to be missed while visiting the White Horse Tavern. Showcasing an array of fresh meats, flavoured steaks, sausages and pies, this is my kinda way of ordering food as I could easily mix and match to create my personal favourite platter rather than trying to read the whole menu ^^

fresh meats, flavoured steaks, sausages, pies etc.
simply mix and match to create your personal favourite platter ^^
what you see is what you eat ;)
Launched just a couple of months ago the White Horse Tavern Bar & Restaurant has certainly more to offer, so don't forget to swing by to the White Horse Tavern's official FB @ for more happenings events and promotions ;)

White Horse Tavern Bar & Restaurant
Lot G08B, Grd Flr, The AmpWalk Mall,
218 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2166 0708
Business hours: 11:00 – 01:00 pm (Mon-Fri)
                              08:00 – 01:00 pm (Sat-Sun)

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

「鮮家」日式居酒屋青森美食祭2016 l Aomori Fair 2016 at SENYA Family Izakaya @ Publika, KL

位于DutamasPublika Shopping Gallery除了以生活艺术和文化为主题的购物商场颇具特色以外,这里也是异国美食的聚集地哦,除了前些时候的猪排、汉堡、咖啡等多种西式或fusion 美食,近数月在这里当红的则要数各类特色日式餐厅啦,而今天要介绍给大家的「鮮家」日式居酒屋SENYA Family Izakaya @ Publika/SENYA Solaris)便是少数个人一尝便爱上的日式好味道 ^^

「鮮家」日式居酒屋坐落于Publika Solaris Dutamas相对较偏远的一角,虽然位于Block D 5的最尾端然而凭借餐厅相当抢眼的装潢及道地的日式居酒屋美食「鮮家」从开始营业至今可谓经营得有声有色 ;)

SENYA Family Izakaya @ Publika, KL
鮮家」日式居酒屋SENYA Family Izakaya @ Publika

Izakaya在日语里便是居酒屋的意思,所以餐厅设计当然走的是道地的日式小酒馆风啦。除了很有特色带点复古风的日式小酒馆装潢,「鮮家」在与客人互动服务方面也延续了日本居酒屋文化,温馨周到的员工让店里的气氛始终轻松活络,在这里无论用餐小酌都觉得棒棒哒 b^^d

烧烤绝对是居酒屋里不可或缺的,所以铁板烧吧台是一定要有的 ;)
「鮮家」带复古风的日式小酒馆装潢 ^^

想拥有完全私人空间的也没问题,和式包厢at your service ;)

除了居酒屋菜单上基本的各种清酒、啤酒等饮料以及诱人的日式串烧等下酒小物,「鮮家」菜单上亦不乏各种美味日式主食,从这里的招牌人气猪肉、色彩缤纷卖相诱人的海鲜汤底加入牛奶的日式味增咖喱牛奶拉面到仙贝锅物等都是采用原汁原味的日式居酒屋烹调方法,加上主要食材皆由日本空运,所以基本上无论点什么都不会踩雷啦 ^^

值得一提的是「鮮家」除了不定时推出新的特色餐点,这里还会举办以日本北部各个地域为主题的美食祭,在为期半个月左右的美食祭期间店里将会以当地空运而来的特色食材入菜让美味升级升级再升级啦,最重要的是这些特色美食都只会限时提供,不想错过的吃货朋友们记得记得要留意他们家的脸书咯 ;) 

当然若单纯的让大家刷脸书痴痴地等未免太不厚道了,在这里当然要为大家先行预告一下「鮮家」下一波美食祭的消息啦。「鮮家」日式居酒屋(SENYA Family Izakaya)即将在2月15日-2月29日推出青森美食祭2016,在这期间「鮮家」将限时提供以日本本州北部青森县空运而至美味食材所烹调的青森美食盛宴,想尝鲜的吃货朋友们要注意啦 ;) 接下来请继续往下滚动滑鼠看看「鮮家」青森美食祭2016有哪些美味在等着你吧.. 

包裹了青森苹果的猪腩串烧 l Aomori Apple with Pork Belly Skewer (RM 6)
完全采用青森特产料理的青森干贝炒长豆芽,像面条般的青森豆芽口感脆脆的搭配薇Q的干贝很顺口啊 l
Fried Aomori Baby Scallop & Long Bean Sprout
(RM 25) b^^d
一块苹果一口猪肉再加一口饭,香甜清爽,完美~ l
Pork Don with Preserved Aomori Apple (RM 23.8) b^^d
醋鲭鱼的海鲜丼是我的日式新欢啦 l Aomori Seafood Barachirashi Don (RM 33.8) b^^d
Nanbu Aomori Senbei Hot Pot (RM 19)

对于青森县Aomori稍觉陌生的朋友们科普时间来啦:位于日本本州北部的青森县是日本本州最北部的一个县,也是日本著名的水果盛地,因为地处偏北较低的气温与大昼夜温差造就了更为鲜甜的蔬果,尤其产量占了日本全国约半数的青森苹果更是声名远播,也因为如此青森美食盛宴上苹果的踪迹亦随处可见啦 ;) 另外由于位处北海道以南临近津輕海峽,青森也是干贝盛产之地,青森干贝个头娇小可爱,淡淡的浅金黄色泽入口清甜,怎么料理怎么好吃啊 b^^d

酥炸得刚刚好的干贝天妇罗香脆却一点也不油,把蒜蓉及白萝卜泥加入蘸汁再以干贝天妇罗沾之,好吃~ l
Aomori Baby Scallop Kakiage Tempura (RM 19.8) 
新鲜花枝及捣成酱的花枝内脏所制成的石锅花枝烧,这是青森渔民的传统美食哦 l Grilled Aomori Squid with Guts (RM 22)
醋鲭鱼押寿司 l Vinegared Saba Sushi (RM 22.8)
日本北部广受欢迎添入牛奶的咖喱拉面,薇甜带奶香的日式咖喱里还有可口的青森干贝和猪肉 ^^ l
Aomori Baby Scallop Miso Curry Milk Ramen (RM 22.8)
为青森美食画上完美句点不可错过的甜点—— 青森苹果雪葩奶油起司佐肉桂曲奇餅 l
Cream Cheese Snow Mountain & Aomori Apple Sorbet with Cinnamon Cookie (RM 16) 

同样应「鮮家」青森美食祭2016而由日本空运而来的各种青森特产在美食祭期间同步限量出售,个头硕大鲜红的青森苹果很漂亮啊,还有仙贝和苹果汁,来吧让我们把青森美味带回家~ ^^

个头硕大鲜红的青森苹果 :)

最后再告诉大家一个好康,在2月15日-2月29日「鮮家」青森美食祭2016期间「鮮家」也将举办‘人气青森美食票选’,大家只要在这期间从以上十道青森美食中选出各自的心头好,成功选出人气美食王的朋友们将有机会获得的神秘礼物以及RM 100元的SENYA招待卷哦,投票方法请查看>SENYA Solaris脸书<啦 ;)

更多居酒屋美食讯息请点击「鮮家」日式居酒屋SENYA Family Izakaya @ Publika官方脸书@ 查看,想查询餐厅分店请点击以下sushitrain官网链接 ;)

SENYA Family Izakaya @Publika
D5-G3-5, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +60 3-6205 4999

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