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[Phangan Adventure] The Green Dot Trail: A Secret Path to the Gorgeous Haad Yuan Beach

After some nice accommodation review and photolog preview on my Samui Phangan Island Hopping 2014, perhaps its just about time to spice things up for a little ;) Anyway do take note of the warning statement below before we proceed..

Warning! This is a post for hardcore adventurers and hardcore adventurers only! If you do not:
- aged 21 and over
- physically fit with good stamina
- exercise constantly
- have jungle trekking experience

You might wanna leave now for the sake of your own safety.. 

Ok assuming only hardcore adventurers remain, let’s get started shall we? ;) Today we’ll be deviating slightly from the ordinary tourist path, taking you guys into a route which not many choose to go through, a challenge which only those who willing to push few extra miles will succeed. Ladies & gentlemen may I present to you——The Green Dot Trail @Haad Rin Koh Phangan, a 4 km jungle terrain across the hill which you’ll end up at the stunning beach of Haad Yuan after passing through a magnificent viewpoint overlooking Haad Yuan beach. b^^d   

Superbly gorgeous beach of Haad Yuan b^^d
Haad Yuan Beach, Koh Phangan: blue sky, white sand, turquoise waters, palm trees, serenity dotted beach ;)

Finding the path- walking on the dirt road behind Fairyland Resort and Palita Lodge, go straight pass the entrance of these resorts and up the hill and you'll find the not so obvious starting point of the trail at Laluna Banglows which kinda looks like a small ascending path into the jungle.   

After a nearly 1 hour trekking up the hill, an isolated viewpoint overlooking the beautiful bay and Haad Yuan beach unfold~ b^^d

The Green Dot Trail viewpoint. 
Viewpoint overlooking the beautiful bay of Haad Yuan and Haad Thian ^^

Another 1 hour trekking down from the other side of the hill, you’ll be stepping on the soft white sand of Haad Yuan beach. b^^d

Haad Yuan Beach, Koh Phangan.
Haad Yuan Beach, Koh Phangan, with love :P

However the path isn’t easy. Do bear in mind this isn’t one of those casual walking path, the small steep track ascending into the mountain can be tough to go through & some of the junctions could be confusing.

follow the dots & bottle sign (yellow arrows interted) on trees all the time.  
always remember the point where you see the last sign. 
and you'll end up in this beautiful scenery with lots of memorable memories ^^

Though my friend & I gone through the trail without a scratch however  this path is indeed one of those challenging one as there were more than a few times which we almost gave up as we feel like we gone on a wrong track and the the woods were kinda secluded & quiet (as if it was abandoned ages ago). 

part of the track (yellow arrow inserted) which leads into the dim tall barnyard grass bushes.

So my advice before challenging The Green Dot Trail..>> Gear up yourself (water, energy bar, first aid, compass), go only on a sunny morning & leave before dawn, do not enter alone, and even better if you could get a local guide.

Finally, if you’re not confident enough, forget about the view point go for a taxi boat at Haad Rin (Sunrise) beach which could easily send you to the beautiful Haad Yuan beach on a 15 mins boat ride which cost roughly 100 baht/way/person. ;)

overlooking the beautiful bay of Haad Yuan at the view point. 
reach this beautiful bay after 2 hours of jungle trekking through the mountain, sense of achievement overload :P

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